WoFF minister/Fenner case on Monday court calendar, but no trial expected before Judge Pope

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Brooke Covington’s name is on the list for calendar call in RC’s Superior Court on Monday. Judge Pope’s name is on the Administrative Office of Courts’ calendar to preside.

Covington is one of the five defendants charged with assault and kidnapping in the alleged Matthew Fenner incident in January 2013. Her case is the only Fenner case left in Rutherford County; the other cases received a change of venue to Buncombe County issued by Judge Pope in 2017.  All five related cases were to be heard by Judge Pope as agreed on by the involved parties.

Brooke Covington’s case was tried in 2017 by then Assistant District Attorney Garland F. Byers, Jr. before Judge Gary Gavenus. The trial of the State of North Carolina versus WoFF minister Brooke Covington ended in a mistrial. Disobeying the Judge’s orders, the jury foreman introducing unauthorized documents into the jury room therefore destroying the integrity of the jury.  The judge asked to get the case back on the calendar as soon as possible.

Despite nationwide publicity of the Fenner case by People Magazine, these other cases have never been set for trial by District Attorney Ted Bell.


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