By | November 28, 2019

ELLENBORO — Many Rutherford County residents have been puzzled once again by a mysterious “loud boom” that reportedly shook several homes and rattled windows earlier this week. People were blowing up Facebook that they heard a very loud boom or explosion or loud bang.

This is not the first time loud explosive noises have been heard in the southernmost part of Rutherford County. The RC Sheriff’s Department investigation on one of the earlier incidents determined that some young adults had been target practicing using tannerite. Tannerite brand targets explode when shot by a high-velocity bullet. The explosive reaction, once initiated, occurs at a very high velocity, producing a large vapor cloud and a loud report.

As reported by Grace Bennett on Facebook, Duke Power, NASA, and our contact with there is no knowledge of any explosions or activities. RC Catalyst confirmed with each of these organizations.

When RC Catalyst contacted the RC Sheriff’s Dept. they were not aware of any reports taken. Lt. Greg Dotson returned our call to the 911 center and stated that there had not been calls to the 911 center.

REPRINTED with permission from Grace Bennett’s Facebook Post

November 23 at 10:20 PM ·
Update on the Explosion (Occurred 11/23/19 @ 8:45 PM): Ellenboro, Bostic, Mooresboro, Cliffside, Boiling Springs, SC Line, Lattimore, Polkville, Harris, Caroleen, and Holly Springs have all reported hearing the explosion so far. No true confirming of what it was. Confirmed that it was not the rock quarry as many have mentioned.

Ud10:28 PM: Henrietta has reported hearing it.

Ud10:33 PM: Heard at Shelby Hospital.

Ud10:38 PM: No confirmed info on NASA reporting this. Also reported being heard in Forest City.

Ud10:45 PM: Union Mills and Dobbinsville have reported hearing it.

Ud10:58 PM: No info on meteor shower/breaking sound barrier. Any meteor info that has been found only mentions either a meteor shower that occurred 11/21/19-11/22/19. Still actively looking for more information on this possibility.

Ud11:21 PM: Two reports of the explosion heard in Spartanburg, SC.

Ud11:24 PM: I have attached a rough radius on the map of where the explosion has been reported. Reported in Shiloh and Gaffney.

Last update on this post unless more info is known. As of 1:17 AM, no physical proof of any explosion has been reported. No confirmation of a meteor breaking the sound barrier has been reported neither. Kings Mountain, Earl, and Chesnee have reported hearing the ‘explosion.’ Will update if any further information is confirmed.

As of 11:17 AM, there is no confirmation of tannerite being used caused the explosion. I’m currently in the process of finding out how far the sound of tannerite can travel, especially causing the houses of people from multiple areas to shake.

Ud11:56 AM: Was not Duke Power.

Map Ud 12:08 PM: The red line indicates how far the reports of the explosion have been made. The blue line indicates the area which seem to have the greatest impact of sound and ‘physical’ effects.

24 Hr update. No new information. To sum everything up into one paragraph, it has been confirmed that it was not the rock quarry, Duke Power nor was it anything related to a meteor shower or meteor. Tannerite being involved has not been mentioned (as expected) and from multiple sources, tannerite would not cause this massive of a sound travel and ‘physical’ effects in such a wide range area. Multiple people, including myself, have listened to the police scanner and there has been no reports of any type of explosion. Though some people did not hear the noise in these areas, many others have reported hearing it. For the comical ones, it wasn’t a meth lab, despite the area it is in. There is no solid information on what it was, only ideas and possibilities. If I hear any more updates, I will come back to this post. As for now, this is the end of the updates.