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Foothills Health District Discusses Covid-19 Response at Board Meeting

May 28, 2020 On Tuesday May 26 Foothills Health District (FHD) had their board meeting in the Rutherford County Annex Building. It was streamed live from the Rutherford County Commissioner’s chamber. Foothills Health District is the organization in charge of the McDowell…Read More »

Karen Powell, FHD Director: Duties and Powers of Enforcement for Covid-19

May 21,2020 In my on-going informational series about Foothills Health District today I want to focus on who our health director is and what her duties are, as well as answer a few questions that had been sent to me concerning the…Read More »

Who Are “The Guardians”  (Foothills Health District)

  May 19,2020 In late January of this year it was acknowledged that Covid-19 entered our country. The nation suddenly found itself in the grip of a pandemic. The government turned to national health experts across the country to help, they in…Read More »

**Update:** Lowe’s Does Not Respond To Covid-19 Email Request

*Update: I did receive this email from Lowe’s this afternoon: “Thank you for contacting Lowe’s and I apologize for the delay. At this time we have no confirmed cases at the Forest City store. Sarah Lively, APR Corporate Communications Lowe’s Companies, Inc.”…Read More »

*Food Lion Response to Rutherford County Covid-19 Inquiry

May 07,2020 As most of you know our health department has decided to let businesses self notify if they have a positive Covid-19 case. (see link)  That being said since Foothills Health Department does not seem to think notifying the public is…Read More »

RC Commissioners Approve RC Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan

Rutherford County Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan Planning and Public Works Director Danny Searcy and Mr. Tim Johnson, Senior Planner from Destination by Design, presented the Rutherford County Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan which outlined recreational infrastructure development and introduced…Read More »

Ingles Corporate Responds to Inquiry About Covid-19 at Forest City Store

4/28/2020 Saturday, April 25, 2020 2:42 PM : An email was sent to Ingles Corporate asking three questions about the incident concerning the reported positive Covid-19 employee in the Forest City Deli. It contained a brief statements as to what has been…Read More »