By | February 15, 2021

RALEIGH — Former WoFF member, Stephen Cordes, the young man, 24, who two years ago broke into a Word of Faith Fellowship (WoFF) pastor’s home while armed, is now facing sexual battery charges in Marion County, FL. Cordes was arrested Feb. 2 at his NC residence for an outstanding warrant from Marion County, Florida. Extradition was waived by Cordes.

Earlier reported in a April 2019 incident, Cordes broke into the home of WoFF Pastor Brooke Covington. In a timely and fortunate return, 2 male members of the Covington family detected, tackled and restrained Cordes until law enforcement arrived.

The breaking and entering case was moved to Henderson County after District Attorney Ted Bell recused his office from prosecuting the case locally. (Bell is still the 0prosecutor on record for the 6 years old  as yet not resolved Matthew Fenner cases.)

Cordes received two years probation after he pled guilty to felony drug possession and misdemeanor breaking and entering. Many considered this sentence. as too light for the gravity of the crimes. A blog entry records those mediation and deal proceedings here.

“The news Stephen Cordes has been arrested in Wake County for an outstanding felony warrant for an alleged sex crime in Florida is deeply concerning but not at all surprising,” said Butch Maltby of WoFF. “While we never want anything but a healthy life for anyone, his patterns of very reckless, destructive and even life-threatening behavior are clear. We’re watching his extradition and the disposition of Florida’s case closely.”

Cordes, a former member of the church, previously lived at the Covington home until 2017.