By | January 11, 2020

Surgeons are a special group of people – especially the newly formed surgical team at Rutherford Regional Health Systems hospital.  All three doctors chose specifically to treat patients in rural areas such as ours. Practicing in a small rural hospital allows them to use the full scope of their surgical training, to create professional and community relationships within a small environment, and rely on a team approach to assure patients of the best possible outcomes.

“You don’t have to leave Rutherford County to get excellent surgical care,” stated Dr. Edgerton. “We provide excellent patient care and outcomes.”

These compassionate surgeons address a vast range of surgical problems and are conscientious about outcomes and continuing care of their patients, Having performed over 1500 surgeries in residency and 60 surgeries (each) monthly at RRHS, they have refined their techniques  and within their team can seek assistance within its members  to address even more complicated procedures.

When asked how to reassure patients about the anxiety about having surgery, Dr. Demeusey  offered: “To listen to them. It’s important to validate their feelings and letting them know that being nervous is a normal experience.”

The surgical team has brought their young families to live and grow up in the community. All appreciate the outdoor opportunities in Rutherford County. One of the wives has started a community running group that meets on Wed. afternoon at 5:30 p.m. It’s a “at your own pace” and a great offer for the community to join them. (More on that later.)

As for community integration, Dr. Wittwer offered, “This is a great town and area. We’re staying here for opportunities as the hospital grows, raise our kids in a small town, and connect with new friends.”

Welcome them to the community. You’ll find them running our trails, eating at Yellow Sun and other local eateries, and sparring their young sons about town. Welcome.

Dr. Edgerton

Dr. Wittwer