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Now that the structure and form of the narcotics team has been outlined, RC Catalyst will explore the actual function of Officer Chad Murray of the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office and the team he commands.

Rutherford County has, for years, been plagued with an epidemic of methamphetamine. To this day, the community has demanded to know why the influx of narcotics continues unabated. The Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney Ted Bell have refused to address this issue publicly.

Community members have reported firsthand accounts of individuals who are well-known to be key figures in drug trafficking rings. Yet, none of those individuals are ever apprehended. In this article, RC Catalyst will begin to explain the probable reason of why.


Over the past several years, RC Catalyst has met with countless individuals who have allegedly been forced to work for Murray and his team as confidential informants (“CIs”). Each CI has relayed the exact same story to RC Catalyst.

The state that Murray (or one of his team members) pull individuals over in their vehicles, or raid their homes (almost always with no search or arrest warrant) and claim to have obtained tips from unidentified CIs that the targeted individuals are selling, trafficking, or purchasing narcotics. The narcotics team then threatens these individuals with extraordinarily serious narcotics crimes, e.g., drug trafficking, possession with intent to manufacture sell or distribute, felony possession of narcotics, etc. if the individuals will not agree to work as CIs for the narcotics team.

In many instances, it was said that Murray will further incentive these individuals by removing a bag of narcotics from his own pocket stating a phrase that has been reported to RC Catalyst no less than twenty (20) times: “Lookie what we have here.” At the point, the targeted individuals are faced with a choice – cooperate with Murray and his team or, alternatively, attempt to fight fabricated drug charges in a court of law in which (as will be discussed) District Attorney Ted Bell and former-Chief Judge Randy Pool are/were involved.

Most individuals relent, believing they will only have to comply with simple requests to provide information as to several individuals and/or exchanges involving currency and narcotics. Accordingly, they agree to provide Murray and his team with information as to where drugs are currently located, individuals who have large amounts of cash in their possession or, in many cases, agree to engage in purchases of large amounts of narcotics.

Unfortunately, these individuals state they are never allowed to discontinue their cooperation without either facing the very charges for which Murray assured them would not be prosecuted or, in far too many instances, loss of their lives (either by resisting Murray’s effort to continue forcing cooperation as a CI or by use of a CI to end the lives of another individual refusing to comply with Murray or who tried to expose the narcotics team’s actions), e.g., Kevin Cole, Mellissa Ramsey, Brittany Fowler, Jessica Blackwell, Brittany Short, etc. (all of which will be detailed in subsequent articles).

Murray and his team appeared to accomplish this forced cooperation, in part, by claiming to be federal agents. However, while claiming to act as deputized federal agents, it appears the narcotics team habitually failed to comply with the policies and procedures of their deputizing federal agencies to memorialize the agreements with CIs in writing that identify what legal benefit any CI will receive in exchange for their cooperation, what actions or results are expected from the CI, and when the CI can expect to be finished with the agreement being offered by Murray and his team.

Each federal agency that has an agreement with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, i.e., Homeland Security, ATF, DEA, and the US Marshalls, require express written documentation of what a CI is required to do and what legal benefit they will obtain from complying with any such obligation.

The reasons for utilizing CIs in this fashion are two-fold: First, Murray and his team are able to track individuals with large amounts of narcotics. Second, Murray and his team are able to track exactly when drug sales occur and immediately identify who has large amounts of cash.

If facilitating the efforts of the deputizing federal agencies were the focus, it would seem knowing the identities and locations of these individuals would allow for arrests, drug proceeds seizures, and the rapid apprehension of those involved in facilitating the drug flow in Rutherford County, narcotics sales and usage would quickly dissipate throughout Rutherford County.

Unfortunately, it appears that Murray and the narcotics team have utilized their deputized federal authority to thwart the efforts of their deputizing federal agencies and have created a well-orchestrated racketeering enterprise that benefits the officers involved, Sheriff Chris Francis, and others.

Specifically, Murray and his team apparently use this network to seize funds that are never documented and/or take large amounts of narcotics that they then return to the drug traffickers they protect.

Once the narcotics are returned, it appears tat they are resold and the narcotics team continues to profit from the resulting proceeds. Any arrests that occur do nothing to stem the flow of narcotics. Rather they ruin the lives of disposable CIs and allow the drug trade to continue.


As the issues previously reported involving former-Judge Pool began to manifest, a woman forced to be a CI inadvertently unearthed the narcotics team’s apparent underlying scheme.

This woman had disclosed detailed messages and phone calls between her and former-Judge Pool with several individuals in Rutherford County regarding former-Judge Pool in which he assured her that he could assist with the ongoing narcotics officers’ attempts to force her to cooperate as a CI or be charged with felony possession charges.

The woman had spoken with an attorney who had expressed serious concerns about Murray and the narcotics team’s apparent attempts to continuously alter the expectations regarding her role as a CI. When the narcotics team continued to demand that she provide information on a certain individual or destroy her life as a licensed professional, the attorney arrived at one of the clandestine meetings in which the narcotics officers attempted to make the woman go undercover into the home of a supposed drug dealer who know she was working as a CI.

As is apparently documented in preserved body camera footage (to which the Sheriff’s Office refuses to publicly produce), the attorney demanded to know why the CI agreement was never documented in writing. The officers on film claimed that it was. However, after pressing the issues, the officers acknowledged the agreement was never memorialized. The officers then claimed that District Attorney Ted Bell had authorized the use of this woman as a CI, despite their claims that they were acting under the authority of various federal agencies, which should have been the entities approving any such CI activity.

The attorney informed the officers that his client’s participation in this endeavor was done.

However, the officers then, according to the client, continued to insist that the woman attempt to infiltrate the residence and provide information as to the individual in question despite the individual knowing she was working as a CI.


The attorney made clear that the relationship was over and even offered to assist in securing an arrest and conviction of the individual the narcotics team claimed to be the target of their investigation, i.e., Ronnie Pearson.

As would soon become clear, however, Pearson was not a target at that time.

Rather, he stated that he had been forced to traffic narcotics for the narcotics team and ensure the flow of methamphetamine continued unabated for nearly two (2) decades. Pearson made almost no profit from his cooperation, as the narcotics team continuously pulled his vehicle and raided his home to seize all narcotics proceeds. None of those proceeds were ever documented. Those funds were apparently, instead, exploited by the Sheriff’s Office and narcotics team for their own personal use. To be clear, however, Pearson never cooperated as a CI to provide information on any other individuals – rather, he protected his family in the only way Murray made available to him.

Pearson’s unwilling role in this endeavor will be described in detail in a subsequent article. However, knowing the likely outcomes of his forthcoming decision – facing prosecution and/or death, he made a the determination to face what he knew would have potentially catastrophic consequences to him. After seeing one of his close friends die for no reason other than to protect former Judge Randy Pool’s official position as judge, he refused to be coerced into silence and, in refuting Murray’s explicit demands to remain silent about former-Judge Pool’s misconduct, he singlehandedly ended the nearly two (2) decades reign of sexual abuse by former-Judge Pool and set in motion the events that will soon lead to Murray’s actions and exploitation of many of the most vulnerable individuals in our society.

As of the date of this article, Pearson is facing the consequences of Murray and the narcotics team’s apparent retaliatory actions for what was ultimately a brazen and selfless endeavor that served to benefit countless victims of former-Judge Pool.

Those who were routinely abused by former-Judge Pool are now safe.

Moreover, Pearson’s actions will soon alleviate the nearly-daily abuses imposed by Murray and his team as well. As will be described in subsequent articles, Pearson’s actions have now afforded this community the opportunity to reassume control of its government, stop the crippling blows to our economy through the heavy flow of narcotics into the county, and provide opportunities to those forced to continue using drugs in their role as CIs (for the sole purpose of promoting the efforts of Murray and others) with a chance to regain their lives and the lives of their family.

Pearson – on behalf of all those working on this matter and this community, we are in your debt and will see you through this.


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