By | March 12, 2021

A record number of registered Republicans, approximately 220 Republicans, gathered Saturday at the Mt. Vernon Community Center at their annual convention to elect new officers for the Rutherford County Republican Party. Bryson Smith, a young savvy experienced conservative organizer, was elected as the new GOP chairman. Smith is a Rutherford County native who grew up on  a five-generational farm in beautiful Golden Valley. Smith currently  works with his father in a concrete business. He and his wife Raquel have a baby daughter named Charlotte.

In the 10 years that RCcatalyst has known Smith, Bryson’s goals have always been to help people in his community, county, or across the state.  The East Rutherford High School graduate was first involved in Future Farmers of America (FFA). In college, he became involved in the Republican Party en route to becoming chairman of the NC Federation of College Republicans. (Smith obtained a Bachelor’s degree in environmental policy from Lenoir Rhyne, later earning a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from Western Carolina University.)

Bryson Smith

“We need to be honest, disclosing, truth telling in every way and focus on county needs,” he said. “We can’t lack compassion nor yield to cronyism. I also want to see a greater community presence and utilization of our downtown headquarters. Our mission is to not become complacent and to use our conservative voices and votes to constructively help the county get better. We need to be ‘for’ things that are useful to the public not just ‘against’ things.”

Officers elected include:

  • Bryson Smith, chairperson
  • Keith Hunter, vice chairman,
  • Mark Johnson, secretary, and
  • Joyce Russell, treasurer.

This new leadership brings fresh ideas, technology expertise, and youthful energy to build a strong political party holding true conservative values including transparency.