By | February 2, 2021

By Lynn Bonner February 2, 2021

More parents will have the chance to get $335 intended to help with childcare and remote learning costs under a bill moving through the legislature.

The Senate budget committee on Tuesday approved Senate Bill 36, which extends the application deadline for what legislators call the Extra Credit grant to May 31.

The bill also begins to distribute money for schools, vaccine preparedness, and rental assistance from the federal stimulus Congress approved in December.

The legislature last year approved the one-time payments for families with at least one child 16 or younger. Checks were sent automatically last year to parents who filed 2019 tax returns. The money came from federal COVID relief funds.

Parents who did not make enough money to file a tax return had to complete an application.

The Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, Legal Aid of North Carolina and others successfully sued to get last year’s deadline extended to Dec. 7.

Still, it’s estimated that thousands of families missed out, and the state has money left over.

From the most recent federal stimulus fund

$1.6 billion would go to schools, which can use the money to address learning loss, improve buildings to reduce viral transmission, and buy educational technology, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
About $546 million would go to emergency rental assistance.
About $95 million would go to vaccine preparedness.