By | August 24, 2021

Hello race fans of the dirt circle,

Today I just first want to thank God for seeing another week and hopefully another tomorrow.

Just a quick update as to my column we like to call making laps w bruce wayne…

I’ve had several ask where is the weekly column?, have I stopped writing it?

Well to answer that, no I’ve not stopped, and no, the blue gas can has not scared me away. lol

I’m taking this week off as last week because  as a lot of you know, I’m dealing with some personal  things that need all my attention and prayers from my race fans…

Yyes level 5 racing is still going as our new car is ready. Thank you to the ones that helped make that possible.

If you all could take a few minutes to say a prayer for me and my family, I would be most grateful….I promise to be back next week with making laps with Bruce Wayne to give u all the  action from Harris Speedway ….

One last thing…to my daughter  Alexis,  I want you to know I’m so proud of you  and the way you are today with your own son….great  mom and I wanted you to know you make me smile even  tho your  mom should  get all the  credit. I have to speak on how wonderful  of a person  you have become…

See y’all next week on making laps with Bruce  WAYNE