By | September 12, 2021

Hello race fans from the dirt world,

        I want to start off by saying thank you to all my readers out there who took the time to send a get well message to me over these past few weeks. I just wanted to say what a blessing it was to know I have so many people pulling for me .
As most of you know I’ve been sick with the Covid-19 as my wife also, we are slowly but surely making a recovery from this deadly sickness that has been ripping thru  the community.
Before I get to Saturdays results from the greatest show on dirt I want to touch on a family that has been put thru the storm of there lives these past few weeks and who also are like family to myself. This week at Harris speedway I had a paint scheme on my car changing from my level 5 #5 to the #59 @ i want to share with my readers the reason I did this….
Mr. Leonard Arrowood from  the Cliffside community passed away last Oct 3 after a long illness ,some know him as Mr Arrowood and some of us knew him by pops but either way everyone knew him to be an honest God fearing Christian  who would give you the shirt off his back if it would bring a smile  to your face.  He was always kind to everyone and he was married to very beautiful lady named Carolyn MCraw Arrowood  who passed away just a few days ago due to the Covid-19, what a wonderful person she has been to so many, she has fed another of people on Sundays and even helped me with words of encouragement  thru my addiction over the years…the Arrowoods was married 59 years and that is why I will drive the 59 for the remainder of the season instead of my custom #5 ..also they have a son who as of now is also fighting for his life in a Greenville  hospital from the the Covid and also heart trouble ,I ask you all to keep Jr Arrowood  in your prayers, and ask God to bring healing to him as we can’t lose him right now.  ,he is just like his parents and will go above and beyond to help a person in distress…He is my brother and as always my wing man to the end..
To my readers I again stress on the importance of social distance as this is a prime example of the dangers that comes with this covid…and to the arrowood  family I give u my prayers and also thank you to each and everyone  of you  for allowing me the chance to be a part of your family  …
Back to the dirt circle as I give you all the results from Saturdays  action at Harris speedway as Bradley Williams in that #1 car wins again in the fwd division, but not by much cause  a few more laps and the junkyard mean #44 a spinoff off from level 5 racing driven by Keylon tate and managed by big man Victor Webb was right on your bumper from a dead last start..way to drive that 44 straight out of a Henrietta junkyard..yes folks between Victor Webb and Keylon Tate that thing is nasty fast ….myself in the 59 car came in with 11th place finish. ..they say if your not first your last.  Well not true cause I wasn’t first and I sure didn’t finish…but I did have a blast on my first race back..
I’ll leave u with the results and pray for a great week ahead and thank you to all the emergency  personal out there that helps to get us better when sick….to the police officers at the track thank you for keeping us all safe and pray for friendship speedway as they had some serious trouble this weekend..pray all is well  bumper jack..that’s all this week of making laps w Bruce wayne…
Hope to see you next week at the track……your favorite driver ,
Bruce Wayne,#59