By | August 30, 2021

Hello race fans of the dirtworld,

Another  week of making laps with Bruce Wayne. I come to you all with hopes of a better tomorrow and a great week ahead in this county that could use all of the above..

Not much to report  on from Harris Speedway this week  as mine was cut short  due to sickness.

I ask each and everyone of you to stop and take a few minutes and pray hard for the ones that have been. Hit hard with this sickness of Covid 19 and to take extra care of themselves by doing what is necessary  to keep them from this new strain coming thru the county.

If you have not experienced it yet I’m here to tell you now its very deadly and it hurts from head to toe..wash your hands ,wear your mask and don’t take one thing for granted  ..

Please pray  for me and my family as i battle this awful sickness..I’ve done a lot wrong in my life and hopefully enough right that I will overcome this so I can continue making these laps of life as well as on the  track…

So to my race fans, please bare with me as I hope to be back reporting the action from Harris Speedway  soon….to the ones that have made my racing dreams possible i want to thank you for sticking  close by and being a part of my journey … from the bottom of my heart  I want all of you to know I won’t give  up this battle and I refuse to lose…

I’m gonna  close out  by remindimg each of you to keep distance from others and wash your hands like no tomorrow ..this is not a joke it is killing people.

Thank you all for allowing me the chance to be a part of your lives by making laps …thank you for the continued support  and prayers..i will be back soon full of action from Harris Speedway…..


Your favorite driver,

Bruce Wayne #5.