4 of 5 WoFF defendants to be called Monday for Fenner Trial Conference

RUTHERFORD COUNTY — Four defendants and their counsel in the State of North Carolina’s case for Matthew Fenner will be in Superior Court Monday morning. Matthew Fenner has remained steadfast for almost 5 years to see a verdict in his case.

The four called defendants who are or were members of the Word of Faith Fellowship and charged in the alleged assault and kidnapping of Fenner on January 2013 are:

  • Brooke Covington
  • Justin Covington
  • Adam Bartley
  • Robert Louis Walker

Neither Sarah Anderson or her attorney have been notified to be in court according to District Attorney Ted Bell.

The group will be in front of Judge Marvin Pope to resolve any outstanding motions such as a change of venue. With the publicity surrounding the mistrial of Brooke Covington due to jury misconduct and the investigative studies by the Associated Press, Pope has entered his own motion ex mero motu for a change of venue to Buncombe County.

The first two weeks of December had been suggested for the next trial in the Fenner cases. It is uncertain whether the Brooke Covington case will be conducted then as her lawyer David Teddy has suffered an injury.

Adam Bartley’s case was considered to be heard during that time, but it is unclear what the status is for trial. Rob Denton, Bartley’s former defense attorney, has filed to be released. Bartley is likely asking for a court-appointed attorney. Word of Faith Fellowship holds his bond, but Bartley is already in jail.

Motions are scheduled to be heard in court that begins at 9:30 a.m.