By | January 18, 2020


The Town began refilling the Lake on 1/10/20.  The Lake is currently at the Town’s target level of 6 feet below full pond as of 1/17/20.  The plan is to maintain this level so dredging and additional projects can be completed this month.

The target date to begin raising the Lake back to full pond is still February 10, 2020.  Updates will be shared here as soon as those details are confirmed.  Please see the following update on the plans for the replacement of the Lake Lure Boardwalk, Marina and other projects.  (The drawing on the right is a futuristic illustration of what the Boardwalk/Marina could look like if further construction takes place.)  Thank you for your support of these enhancements to our infrastructure and our Town assets.

Marina/Boardwalk Updates: Replacing the Boardwalk is vitally important as it has reached the end of its useful life.  We want to do everything we can to ensure safety on our Boardwalk.   We are pleased to share the news that tax dollars are not funding this project.  The Marina/Boardwalk project will pay for itself while generating extra revenue for the Town.  Revenue will be generated by those who lease slips in the Marina.  Additionally, a portion of the cost for the new Boardwalk is being covered through a grant with the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority (TDA).

The new Boardwalk will connect the new Marina with all parts of the Lake Lure Town Center including Pool Creek Park, the Lake Lure Beach, Morse Park, and the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge.   By expanding the Marina and combining this work with the Boardwalk replacement as one project, the Town was able to replace the deteriorating Boardwalk without placing the costs on Lake Lure Tax Payers.   Creatively connecting the Boardwalk to the new Marina will give boaters, citizens, and tourists safe access throughout Lake Lure’s beautiful Town Center.

The new Marina and Boardwalk are being constructed off site and will be installed after the demolition is finished.  The service provider is under contract to have this work completed by May 22, 2020, just before Memorial Day Weekend.

Dredging:  When the lake is lowered, it illustrates the critical need for ongoing dredging to maintain Lake Lure.  During the Lake drawdown, dredging is focused in the Marina area and will be shifting to the main channel when lake comes back up in February 2020.  Ongoing dredging is required to maintain all lakes and it is budgeted in Lake Lure’s Capital Improvement Plan.

Morse Park: An additional project is underway to expand the Morse Park event space for development of a future outdoor amphitheater.  Be sure to notice the work that has taken place to enhance the lawn (and view) between Morse Park and the Broad River, by removing the excess materials. (The drawing shown here illustrates an amphitheater in a similar setting.)

The following schedule outlines the Town’s timeline moving forward.  As noted in the 1/9/20 update, the Town of Lake Lure received fund approval from the Local Government Commission (LGC) on January 10, 2020, which allowed these projects to move forward. Updates will be provided if these timelines require adjustment, or as new information becomes available.

1/10/20:  Lake began to be raised.  The plan was to raise the lake to 6 feet below full pond and this level was achieved by 1/15/20.  The plan for now is to hold the Lake level at 6 feet below full pond until 2/10/20.   Updates will be posted here if there is a change in this plan.

1/10/20: Lake Lure Boardwalk Demolition Began

1/15/20 – 5/22/20: Assembly of new Boardwalk/Marina.  Note: The new Marina and Boardwalk are being constructed off site and will be installed by 5/22/20.

4/7/20:  Projected delivery of new floating aluminum docks. Assembly will occur immediately upon delivery.

5/22/20:  Projected completion date.  The goal is to install the replacement Marina/Boardwalk before the spring season kicks off.  The contractor is under contract to have this complete by May 22, 2020 just before Memorial Day Weekend.

Town Manager Shannon Baldwin stated, “I could not be more pleased with the way Parks, Recreation and Lake Director Dean Givens and Public Works Director David Arrowood are managing their areas of responsibility.  They make things happen.”

Again, we thank you for your support as we continue to work to preserve Lake Lure for future generations.