By | February 6, 2020

Press Release
For Immediate Release

The Town of Lake Lure’s Emergency Preparedness Plan has been activated and a
State of Emergency has been declared. The Town’s Flood Sirens were sounded and
the Town sent out a notification from Everbridge early this morning regarding flood
warnings in the area.
 The Town is using precautions not to release more water than is received from
the storm event.
 For Emergencies Call 911.
 As additional information becomes available it will be posted on the Town of
Lake Lure Website under Town News and on the Town’s Facebook Page.
The Lake Lure Emergency Preparedness Team is closely monitoring lake levels,
dam operations, power outages and road closures. Consulting engineers are on call
to provide guidance as needed.
Though “State of Emergency” may sound ominous, the impact it has on citizens is
anything but threatening. A State of Emergency, according to state law, can be
declared during a situation or imminent threat of widespread or severe damage,
injury or loss of life or property, resulting from a natural or man-made
cause. Declaring a State of Emergency means the following:
 Enables government officials to take extra measures to protect the public
 Triggers anti-price gouging laws
 Enables Town to seek state or federal funding aid for disaster response if it is
For Further Information: Shannon Baldwin, Town Manager, 828-625-9983