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Editorial: Gratitude for Friends during this Quarantine

Perhaps I have always been a loner and a hermit. Those attributes got me through engineering school and religion graduate studies. One’s focus doesn’t waver much when living in books and always seeking truth. Studying the world’s religions has taught me to seek understanding instead of condemnation. I’ve found truth was not always where I was looking for it. “Taking the Road Less Traveled” has given me adventure, travel, spiritual evolution, and now in these “social distancing” times, true friends.

My lovely neighbor just asked me who delivered breakfast to me almost every morning.

“A friend!,” I replied. This friend also brings food for the young feral cats that think they have found a home.

“NO! They are not my cats!”

My friend’s family of choice sends me Sunday dinner almost every week – hmmmm – good roast beef with gravy, green beans, rice and Edith’s special fresh peach cobbler. The early peaches are very good this year, Marty. Both my friend Marty and I lived our earlier years in SC’s peach country.

However, given the Southern Hospitality principle that no one should ever go hungry, there is ALWAYS gratitude for gifts of food -even for the entertaining kittens that stalk me and shred the potted plants.

So when Liz Rose of Rose Berry Farm turns up on my porch with a freshly baked homemade quiche, I accept with graciousness. While wearing masks and keeping a 6-foot distance apart, we took a moment to catch up. Liz is not only a chef, but also a nutritionist -certified at that. (But her food is always SO delicious, you don’t remember it’s nutritious as well.)

Liz Rose Berry (back to camera),former owner of Cafe to Go, talks with a customer.

Liz, having read many of RC Catalyst’s previous food reviews (sadly my health doesn’t allow me to dine-in yet), invited me to be a taste tester for her new recipes. Somehow she felt that might be an imposition on me LOL.

However, I did share the quiche with my friend Loyce, the kindest person I know, who lives down the street and shops for me. That hospitality thing might be kicking in at my advanced age.( I lived away from the South in the greater NYC area for too long.)

Friends taking care of friends, is, for me, the best thing that’s happened to me during this quarantine. I must admit, though, that Clyde and Deborah Keller have always shared meals, desserts, writing, inspiration and hope with me through the years. So just remember . . .

“Always look on the bright side of life.”   It helps.

WARNING – this video may offend certain readers-includes one word of profanity and some irreverent religious concepts.