By | July 8, 2020

FOREST CITY —Rutherford County’s Farmer market is now open. Local producers are offering a bounty of locally foods. These delicious foods supply “close to home” nutrients that far surpass foods you can purchase in grocery stores.

(FYI-Chefs thrive on food challenges. They enjoy a basket of raw ingredients to create dishes from scratch. It’s like the food world is my limit so limit me so I can hone in the culinary skills to stay focused in creating a delicious dish).

So on a recent trip I made my way around the open air shed finding food gems for my meals. the market was full of varieties of fruits, vegetables, proteins (eggs, cheese, beef, trout and pork), herbs, plants, honey to name some. After I purchased my goodies, it was time to cook!

So here’s the results in a quadruple local food ingredient breakfast…

Four times Local Breakfast…Pimento Cheese Omelet

  • Local red onions(Aunt Wendy’s kitchen),
  • collard greens(Albert Moore Farm),
  • eggs(Petty Coat Junction) and
  • pimento cheese(C-Saw Hill Farm).

Being breakfast, I made a pimento cheese and onion omelet with a hearty side of sautéed collards…four times local!

Delicious and nourishing!

THE RUTHERFORD COUNTY FARMER’S MARKET is located on Depot Street in Forest City. Every Saturday from 8 till you will find a bounty of delicious and local foods!

In health and yumptiousness,

Liz Rose Berry

(Chef & RDN-Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist for Restorative Delicious Nutrition)