By | March 24, 2020


Well it was quite a day yesterday. Of course here lately every day is quite a day isn’t it. Monday we got information from Commissioner Mike Benfield that we had had 60+ (64 per later Nixle release) individual tests done for COVID-19  in Rutherford County with 21 negative results and 43 results pending.

Rutherford County Commissioners are having a teleconference with Governor Cooper today.

The President and part of the Corona virus team gave their daily televised address and Governor Cooper addressed the state Monday afternoon.

Molly Grantham with WBTV does a great daily bullet point presentation some of which I will list below. (Click here for a complete list of her bullet points.)

Governor Roy Cooper


-Public schools closed for individual instruction until May 15

– Following businesses must close by 5pm Wednesday:

– Nail salons, Hair salons, Barbershops, Massage parlors, Gyms, Health clubs, Sweepstakes  parlors, Bowling alleys.

-Grocery stores remain open, Supply lines are strong. Please do not over buy.

– Gov. Cooper said “critical medical supplies are low, so is equipment, masks, gowns,  gloves, etc. We’re pursuing all available channels to buy more. Volunteers and companies are needed to help, 300 people reached out to supplement and help our healthcare workers. We need more.”

– No NC official mention of “shelter in place.” Said they’ll “take action as deemed appropriate.”

– North Carolina: 297 cases, over 8,000 tests have been conducted. Many are negative.

– Waiting for the results for over 10,000 tests.

– On Sunday, NC had 255 confirmed cases. Monday NC has 297 confirmed cases.

– Here:

– Our state NC site is slow to update, Lists numbers once a day only. 11 a.m.

– Some counties report theirs faster. (Just know that if you see discrepancy.)

No deaths reported in NC.

Monday, NC State Board of Education voted to:

– Ask to waive federal testing requirements this year, School-based spring sports postponed to

May 18th.

– From Superintendent Public Instruction: “Now is the time to start a routine with your child.

Now is NOT a time to start long-term break.”

– Today, Gov Cooper said he had conference call with internet providers. He wants more wi-fi

access to at-need students.

– Buncombe County now has 8 cases, Henderson County has 2 cases. No cases in Polk or Cleveland County as of yet.



– President Trump tonight: “We can’t let cure be worse than the problem. Our country wasn’t built to be shut down.” He said he thinks it’ll be sooner than 3-4 months.

FEMA is sending: – 8-million N-95 masks, and 13.3-million surgical masks, to states with “greatest need.” All 50 states are working with FEMA.

– President Trump talked about potential new medicines that are not yet approved..

– Quote, “It’d be a gift from God if they worked.”

– Legislators have a $2-trillion stimulus package on the table. Reps from both sides locked in

negotiations all day.

– Sunday night Republicans said, “wasn’t a time to play games.”

– Sunday night Democrats said, “we don’t want a corporate bailout.”

– Also talk about $250-million in unemployment package. Described as “unemployment

insurance on steroids.” Would – possibly – give 4-months full pay to workers. – Would include

salaried workers and contractors, etc.

– NOT A DONE DEAL. Still just talk. But it is being discussed.


                         World wide map of COVID-19 spread


– Worldwide: 378,287 cases.

– On Sunday, it was 331,000+.

– Global deaths: 16,497 people.

– On Sunday, it was 14,450 people.

– Global recoveries: 100,958.

– On Sunday, it was 97,000+

– Cases in at least 148 countries.

– Great map:


– Notable:

– British Prime Minister issues national lockdown.

– Again, NY has most deaths in our country. (158)

– There are cases in all 50 states.

– NOTE: All these numbers are from JHU. It has live updates. CDC does not.

– UNC-Charlotte has a case.

– Now five cases at Fort Bragg, N.C.

– UNC-Chapel Hill reported cases.

– Duke University reported over two dozen cases.

– UNC-Wilmington reported 2 cases.

– American Airlines confirms a passenger who flew on CLT plane tested positive. Spokesperson

says, “Aircraft since been cleaned.”

– South Carolina: 298 confirmed cases, on Sunday it was 195 cases. 5 deaths now in SC.

Please be aware that all these numbers are fluid and can change hourly as well as mandatory mandates for citizens and businesses. The media is doing its best to try to stay abreast of this ever changing situation. Check your news sources and the federal and local websites frequently.

Again use common sense with your own personal situation and “Wash. Your. Hands.” frequently. The trending hashtag #alonetogether says it all. We must protect each other by staying put as much as possible.