By | July 26, 2021

Hello small town friendly,

        Bruce Wayne, here from the the greatest show on dirt, bringing you another week of Making Laps.
Mother Nature had other plans for us at the track as the clouds got dark grey and the rain came  faster than a speeding bullet. I hope everyone had a blessed week and was able to give thanks to God for allowing us the chance to be alive and take in the benefits from this life he so gave his life for. With no race results to bring you this week, I thought I would somewhat share with my readers on a few things that have been on my mind as of late.
First of all, as the weeks fly by, 2021 is halfway in the books. This year I have watched so much pain inflicted into this county by all sorts of diff things. I’ve noticed the whole county is in a state of pointing fingers and blaming others and just down right divided to the point of people just down right being hateful to one another.
I’m not a person that takes failure well, but at the same time I’ve accepted the fact of how cards are dealt in life. Now this doesn’t mean you have to settle on those cards, because we can always shuffle the deck and make life brighter for us. The problem of late seems to be nobody wants to shuffle them, but only lay down and accept the cards dealt…well readers, I do agree … everyone is going to have failure in some shape or form during their life, everyone from a – z. We are blessed to have the air we breathe and I know a man( whom I recently put all my faith into) that gave up everything for us to be able to have the good and bad in life .. he knew we where gonna be sinners – that’s why he carried that cross.
I’ve noticed that we as a community have forgotten  that very fact I just spoke about.  Instead we choose to blame this and blame that and and most of all act as if one is better than the other.
Yes I’ve made mistakes in my life and yes I,’ve took the good with the bad, but that does not mean we should treat people any different because of what one does…as you all know I’m a racing  junkie these days (day in day out I’m all racing and if I die tomorrow I would most likely be thinking about the next race as I took my last breath.
Harris Speedway has put new life into me as to where I was blaming others for my mistakes in life. “I once was blind but now I see “ is a good verse to my life…But now I can see over the dash (still no license) lol, I see so many  putting hurt and pain on others just so they can justify their own faults. Our community has turned to hatred and no one want to take accountability for what seems to trouble their point today is : can we all just get along, stop pointing fingers and let the past go and move forward, because if we don’t, this small town friendly is gonna be small town hatred. Let’s pull together and turn this thing around.
Maybe you can doas I did, go buy an old car and come on down to the track. We can bump fenders  and have some fun. Even to the things we think we can’t let go,  because of what others has done to us, let it go..stop blaming everyone else for our problems..take some accountability and move on.
Until then we are going to be in the same spot  and never going forward…I want my grandkids to have someplace safe to live and raise their children. Not a place of hurt and as your favorite driver from level 5 racing (yes I’m still level 5 and plan to keep that #5. (6) is game changer), I’m asking the community to bow their heads and ask God to remove the pain the hurt and sorrow from their hearts and let’s go make some laps in this life and make a better tomorrow for our children.
This includes all the things being tossed around on Facebook daily that only serves to make things worse for others.. let it go; let’s make a better tomorrow…I’ll stop on that note and as always children say no to drugs and stay in school and hopefully see ya at the track,
Don’t be a rockstar without a guitar as I was growing up me you don’t want that,..and readers I’ll close out by saying I’m sorry to anyone I’ve ever inflicted pain on in my life and I ask you to forgive me for whatever you feel that may be ..God already has and now I ask you to do the I can continue making these laps of life and on the track. Hope to bring you more action next Saturday from Harris as we welcome the Carolina sprint tour….come see us.
Your favorite driver,
Bruce Wayne (level 5 racing)