By | February 27, 2020

RALEIGH, N.C. —The Unaffiliated voters are wielding power already in this 2020 Primary Election. Unaffiliated voters may choose which primary they wish to vote in. One consideration for their choice of party ballot is whether their votes make more of a difference in LOCAL or National Elections.

Another consideration is the deceptive mailing made to resemble an official GOP endorsement (the political party does NOT endorse primary candidates and the local GOP was shot down when David Reno and his vetting crew tried it last election) done by the Drain the Swamp Conservatives Political Action Committee (PAC), funded by the likes of fired former Challenge Foundation Academy CEO and Charter School State Board member Tony Helton, Julius “The $300,000 Tree” Owens, “Former Owens Campaign Manager” Amy Jenkins and GOP operative David Reno.

Keever GOP Stolen Sign –

Are the REAL Republicans in this county going to let this PAC seize control over the county as Mike Hager (GOP party ousted him as State Representative) has stated as the intent of this group of individuals? Or is this PAC an attempt to retaliate against the whistle-blowers who expose the truth about corruption in the county? Time for the REAL GOP members to take over leadership of the local GOP from this small entrenched group.

Rutherford County deserves fair elections and representatives who actually look out for the welfare of the people.

The Unaffiliated have out-registered statewide the Republicans 2,295,327 to 2,076,904. The Democrats hold the majority of voters in the state at 2,525,133. So to the UNAFFILIATED party registrants the outcome, assuming straight party line voting, lies the influence.

The local GOP group meets this evening.