By | October 5, 2019

SPINDALE —Town of Spindale leaders have been working together to bring new businesses, new jobs, and revitalization to the neighborhoods without losing the charm and eclecticism of the residents and downtown. The Spindale Merchants Association is evaluating grants, and donations to revive The Goat Festival, a proven successful way to bring people into town.

The Town leaders also are working to take advantage of the nearness of the “Rails-To-Trails” Thermal Belt Rail Trail for new activities and businesses. The old depot, for example, is being privately renovated to bring jobs and a business opportunity to the town.

The design firm, Destination By Design, has rendered drawings of proposed renovations to the central commercial district. They were hired by the Tourism Development Authority (TDA), leveraging occupancy tax funds raised throughout the county. The upcoming Main Street project is paid partly by grants and partly by the much higher property taxes paid by the commercial property owners, and to a lesser part other taxpayers. A $100,000 grant was given to implement this project by the TDA.

Revenues from current and future commercial and industrial prosperity are expected to keep residential tax rates from rising, and to allow the seed economic development to fund a town-wide residential revitalization project.

However, some members of the Town Council could not envision this prosperity for Spindale, voting against a county sewer grant of almost $1,000,000. Wastewater treatment is the sole non-tax revenue for Spindale. Ask your incumbent candidates whether they voted against the financial security of a robust enterprise fund. Ask them how much fiscal experience they have and whether they understand the fiduciary responsibility of their oaths of office. The town’s budget is not for personal interest; it is a plan for enduring growth and financial security for current and future residents. The Town serves the interests of the residents.

Incumbent council candidates should be asked about their personal interests in the town budget. Does anyone benefit from our healthcare supplement? Has anyone pushed for family members to be hired over a more qualified applicant? Has a councilman sued the Town, taking money from our insurance after being fired with cause – the documents corroborating the Town’s case available as public record? Do other candidates have a proven record of giving back to the town and county, rather than putting themselves above the taxpayers?

Let’s work together to return Spindale to the thriving destination it once was! Let’s maintain our friendly, fun, family attitude by creating jobs and investing in our neighborhoods! Most of all, let’s get everyone to vote this November, showing we are part of this community!