By | June 28, 2021

Hello small town friendly,

Another week of making laps with Bruce Wayne coming to you from the greatest show on dirt at Harris Speedway and what a wild weekend  it was at the dirt circle.

I want to take few lines to give a big thank you to Mitchell Coggin  and Joe Crowell for making our dirt dreams a reality. These 2 men come rain or shine to make our hometown track the best in the south…

Growing up I always dreamed of racing around the giant circle as I used to live next door..myself and a close friend still to this day Kurt Morrison used to pedal our bikes around the track to see who would win that cherished checkered flag.
Some days he would and others I did, but at the end of the day we were having fun which is what it’s all about.

As everyone knows my past was a wild and troublesome past and I tell people today only if I would have found a dirt circle as a teen(we had moved away by then) then just maybe I could have avoided the the barbwire circle and stayed in the dirt circle…but we live and we learn.

Even though our society  today seems to hold grudges against one’s past we should not be like that and maybe things around here could be a better point today is if you’re young find that one dream with your sights and go for it. Don’t waste your life as I did at an early age. Do something  with it..

we have a young guns division that will make you go wow.

last year we had a young lady who won the championship in her division Kylie laws and boy can she drive..(I found that out my 2nd race when she drove in fwd ) she passed me  – maybe twice)and that was lapped by the way. . .the girl can flat out drive the wheels off of her car atv14 yrs old…so don’t ever think you can’t do anything  in  dad always said son life is a journey  not a destination, well Pops I now see the point of what u said…

I want to close this out to by saying dream to the moon and lay with the stars, don’t spend your days holding grudges  and trying to make others life hard,,God does not like are the winners in this wild weekend.

and I hope you have enjoyed another week of making laps…,my level 5 race car was sick this week but will be ready next weekend.

comenout and see us…and a few names that makes our dreams possible at harris mark preacher man Taylor we love you  and all u do. .bumperjack  we love your talk show every week to tell us how good we was or wasnt…keep it up guys…as always kids say no to drugs and yes to the dirt  track..see ya Saturday,

Bruce Wayne  ( level5  racing )