By | August 14, 2021

Aug. 13

Hello small town  friendly,

       Coming to you from Harris  Speedway for another week of making laps…As always  i hope everyone  had a blessed week and said thanks for the little things in life we sometimes seem to forget..
This  week we will  be a little short on reporting  from the track as i missed a week over prior commitment and also my level 5 monster is still under construction..i would like to say thank you to a few supporters  who has helped me in the build of my new race car comimg soon…Twana Poole and my mom (Carmen Givens) thanks  to the moon and back for all your support and hope to see you both at the  track soon. Real fast i want to reach out to my readers about what racing means to me and the effects  it could have on some young readers life…to me racing is the gateway to my freedom  and my sanity ..It has introduced me to a whole  different  group  of people to which  i never knew  and has brought me joy  even if im not on the track. Basically  I go there to escape the real world  and without  it I feel like I could easily  be lost …let me tell a quick  story  of how that joy was almost taken away and had me close to walking away from the  sport I love.
Few weeks ago i was at the track  getting my car ready to go make some  laps when a officer/ security  came up to my car and started a conversation with me, which was fine but also i wss needing to finish up on the car as time was nearing  to go on to the I’ve known this officer  for years and as everyone has already pointed my way (because he was still talking  to me) he starts to say good luck on the track but turns aroumd to say let me take a picture of that gas can in the back of your car and loud enough to where people close by could i ask why a pic of my gas can he states loud  enough  that one such gas can  wss stolen  from the key largo  store and it may match  up to this as i was not only embarrassed by the accusation but rightfully  upset. (My car had been at the track all week and so had that gas can in the back hatch of it. Now the point of my story here is that sometimes we jump to conclusions based on things we should not…now my level5 racing  is based upon my past and the things I’ve done I’m not proud of  (stealing a gas can is not one of them)  but we as humans do not have the right to judge anyone based on there past or present…we should always  remember  to sweep our own  porch  before another’s.  Well after that incident happened I packed  up my car and I left. I was crushed to the point of selling my car and never going  back..
well readers i slept on it a ns prayed on it and decided  to build an even faster car and go back  to the one sport  i enjoy…so to my race fans i tell you to never give up in life and never give in to others that want ro see you  fail in life…follow your  dream and never give in to failure…so i hope to see you  all back at the track soon and below us this past week’s  winners..oh yea this new car will have a big blue gas can om the hood as reminder to never give up..thanks for the encouragement  (j.b.)…….see you at the finish line…
 Your favorite driver,