By | August 2, 2021

August 2, 2021

Hello small town friendly,

   Coming to you from Harris Speedway again as I love to say the greatest show on dirt…

Been a week of trials and tribulations for myself but as always god seen me thru another week to continue making laps for my readers.

Saturday night we had the Carolina sprint tour come to to town with some great action packed mud slinging. I would like to thank those guys for putting on a show for us and we look forward to your next return date.

Level 5 racing seen some excitement as Keylon Tate driving the Victor Webb – owned car took 2nd place in the main after a heat victory. That car gets faster and faster every week, ladies and gentlemen ..some would think it was Poole powered, but actually just junk yard mean.

As for me, I have taken a timeout on driving as my new #5 monster gets built up to standard and I promise to my race fans and (my mom) I’ll be back in few weeks.  So  for all the ones asking and wondering, yes , I’ll be back.

Currently in my life, I’m at a cross road as my next turn could determine  the rest of my life and I just feel the need to sit back and study that driving test before I out my signal on…(and that is hypothetical because I still have no license). I’m going to say this  real fast and get back to the action, to anyone that has taken the fast lane in life and just not really thought about the re-action to your action, I am here to tell you, folks, that is not the way you want to go.

Kids, if I’ve ever said anything I’m saying to you now that you should put all your energy into doing what is right and paying extra attention to the decisions you make in life. I’m here to tell you first hand just getting by doesn’t work…stay in school and never let yourself get into situations that you have no business in….my life could have been so much more if only I had listened to my own advice…so with that said I’ll get back to the action from always showtime.

Nathan Pierce captured another win in the pure stock division and another win by the next Danica Patrick, #2 Kylie Laws…this young lady has picked up 3 wins @3 different track this past week after a lot of ups and downs with her car.  She is going to be something special in the near future.  I HONESTLY HOPE SHE DOES NOT COME TO FWD DIVISION. So hats off to you, Kylie, in the young guns division…I’m gonna close up by thanking my sponsors at United Bonding  out of Rutherfordton as well as Dixie Outlaw Bonding…you guys make it possible for me to follow my dream and I thank you.

Join us next week for another column of making laps and hope to see you on Saturday at the track.

For this coming week I pray God puts it in your heart to forgive those that has made your heart troubled and that He restores your faith back to that mustard seed . . . does anyone else enjoy mustard like I do?  Love it….but anyhow have a safe and happy week in Rutherford County and please let the all the arguing and fighting stop people. Come on, it’s not that hard ….just my opinion…

Your favorite driver from level 5,
      Bruce Wayne