By | July 15, 2021

Hello small town friendly,

It’s your favorite driver from the greatest show on dirt at Harris Speedway again here to bring to you this week’s action from Saturday night…

I hope each and everyone had a blessed week and things went as planned ..I can’t complain myself as level 5 racing actually made a few laps Saturday night until my car wanted to take a Quick nap and I had to pull it in for the night (motor mount broke).

We at level 5 were a driver short as my number 1 sidekick, Jared Dysart was at (home)lol watching from his trailer. Now that’s nice right ..(inside joke), but anyhow he was suspended for driving too hard in turns and therefore upsetting one, maybe two others.

We wore our helmets at half staff for the legendary 16 car that did a few back flips just a few weeks ago and actually landed on its tires and well you would have just had to been there.
So it was left up to me to hold the rollcage one-handed while handling this Keylon Tate. That man can drive. ..  but enough of level 5 quick story about the day of the race and what it takes to put on a show for you folks …

I wake up and realize that my car is still broke and it being Saturday (race day) I may want to finish it up and get loaded for the track.  So I wake up  around 8:30 and rush off to fix my ride-long day I might add. My buddy helps me all day long (minus our lil yard sale trip for ballcards(my new addiction) and here I get the car finished only to realize my battery is gone. So more things to rush for to be able to make it on time…long story short we go thru a lot make it possible to follow our dream and even tho we run into snags almost every time that is no reason to lay down and take a kick to the readers you never say never…this week’s lesson or point I’m making is if you want something bad enough you get up and you go after it…that’s how things work can’t ever give up no matter the obstacles in your life or your day you never give up..the more you dig the more you accomplish…so I’ll get to my end here by saying after all that work sat and get ready to see no battery I find one thanks to my friend and off I go to Harris Speedway…

Well readers I then realize my race suit is not with this is after I get to the track guess what? More digging to get to my goal for the day which was chase my dream of winning this checked flag..(last week it was the infamous black flag .( See pic at top for the black flag crew) but anyhow I finally got my goal finished when my wheels hit the track and boy did it handle well, better than ever actually and those few laps made all the worth to me in all that work it took…but hey I am the man with no luck and on last lap of hotlaps the sparks were flying and there is my mount problem.

Fast forward to today and here I sit again ready to load up and go this Saturday.

In closing, I want to thank my friends BH and his wife for helping me Saturday by reminding me never to give up and to chase your dreams…thanks guys, I love you both .

Come on down to Harris this coming week readers and catch the action in person – we would love to have you…below is the rundown on who finished where and who got to chase their dream of someday holding that checkered flag…

I hope you all have a blessed week and remember kids say no to drugs and stay in school because someday you will miss these days and wonder what if , never stop believing and have just a mustard seed of faith and you are in the race..also if like to ask my readers to keep your favorite driver in your prayers this coming week as I’m needing all that I can get from above…(god knows the situation)..thanks for listening to me go on and on again and know that you readers out there is who make my whole recovery so much more worth it .thank you all for being race fans ….until next week, same bat channel, same bat time…come see us sat….

Your favorite driver,
Bruce Wayne
(Level 5 racing)

Special thanks to 2 people that help my race team chase our dreams and that’s is Christy Dysart and Mindy Dyer ..without these two ladies it would be tough at the track .they are a blessing to us and we thank you for all your support.

Editor’s Note: Our apologies for our delay in publication. Keep making laps.