By | July 19, 2021

Hello race fans, small town friendly I hope all is well with everyone and there families this past week..I’m going to to start off by saying thank you to the good lord above for allowing me the chance to see another day and also for the chance to write my lil column of making laps ..this past weekend has been alot of ups and downs for myself as I’ve battled with my mind as to what my future holds and if I’ll be racing next season or just watching from the sidelines. As I look around I see all the younger generation making the laps and ask myself am I too old for this and what if only I had got behind that wheel at a young age ..Man that would have most definitely been a game changer for me..I look back and I don’t think I would change everything because I would not be the person I am today, but maybe I would change the route it took me (cause the one I was on took a lot of miles on my engine)

this week’s column is not really about making a point but more or less being thankful for making the laps I’ve made at the track and in ok man if I could sit down and tell a story of how I got to the point of writing this column for the race fans of rutherford county all the way back to the western youth (high-rise) in Morganton…what a bumpy ride that was…so before we get to this Saturday s results  I want to again stress to my younger readers that life is not always going to be fair, it’s always going to throw some curve balls but you have to keep moving forward and always thank god for the air we breathe and for allowing us to see a ray of sunshine…and never doubt your inner self and never  give in to failure…I have prayed hard this past year for the lives lost, and the families still here coping with there lost loved most all of you know I’ve not had a perfect past and yes I have battled hard with a lot of things but I’m still moving forward and making laps…I

love my round circle because it brings me peace in my mind and takes the hate out if my heart that I used to hold for certain things…I’m asking all my readers of out small town friendly to take a moment this week and pray extra for myself as this week holds my future in it’s hands, I want to thank god first and foremost but also thank you (the fans of my level 5 racing) and readers for making it possible to babble on about my past and my racing.I have always just wanted to be normal and my racing is my drug of choice these days …so anyone reading this I hope it touches just one to reconsider his or her way in life that may lead you to destruction and I pray that it just maybe will make you go right and not left as we do on the dirt circle…everyone deserves a second chance in life because we are all sinners …nobody is more important that the next man and I junk sometimes man forgets that and it causes friction in the community that should never had been…

I’ll close out with the results from Saturday at the great memorial race we had at harris speedway..everyone thank you for allowing another week of making laps and I say as always to the kids to say no to drugs and always follow your dreams…also I’d like to give a thank you to my fans at level 5 racing and I hope to continue in my life’s journey of making laps…see you next week race fans  and remember (ask and you shall receive) knock and the door will open..(mathew 7’7)…

Until next time,
Bruce wayne  #5##pray#hard##for#me