By | July 6, 2021

Hello small town friendly,

            Level 5 Racing hopes your fourth of July was a safe and special one.. I know Harris Speedway had a entertaining night, my last count was two maybe three drivers banned for a few weeks and some possible lifers in the mix.  As for my fourth ,mine ended early once again ,but all’s well ends well.
This column is gonna be a lil different than the last few and I promise to get to the racing results by the end .what is the 4th of July exactly…Freedom for our country , ourselves,? Freedom means so much to me I could talk for hours about how much it means to me and how I at one time took it for granted by acting like the town idiot and being a repeat offender before I found my love of dirt track circle. My point I’m trying to get across to my younger readers is not take one thing for granted in life because one day you could look back and see the past mistakes that you thought at that present moment was the best idea possible and you could be asking yourself just how much did you value your freedom .
That is a question I’ve asked myself many times over until these past few years I’ve now come to realize that not only is it valuable it’s what this friend used to always tell me (it’s priceless).So even though we only celebrate once a year for our country’s freedom , you should practice it everyday in your life and when you feel like your back is against the wall and you make those split second decisions ask your self  do I value my freedom?
Well as of today readers I’m 40 yrs young and it took a lot of bumps on the head and a lot of hearing them say he will be a level 5 for sentencing purpose s your honor(hence that’s where I got the level 5! Racing )but I have finally figured out what freedom means and I do respect it.  I’ve went on enough about no racing so let’s get  back to the action from the greatest show on dirt….
I was running around with one shoe on one foot and another shoe on the other foot in other words lost  and trying to play catch up all day Saturday…in our fwd division we had a exciting finish but one of my level teammates, Keylon Tate, did manage to drive the doors off of the 44# Victor Webb owned car (literally he drove the doors completely off that car) see pic.. to a 3rd place finish for Keylon-great job.
I’m gonna add the the results from Saturday at bottom of page .and remember kids always think twice before you make a choice that could have u asking yourself how much you value your freedom and always say no to drugs and give ya mom lots of hugs, cause without the moms of the world we would all be lost (love you Cassie Givens ) my mom gotta love her.
I invite everyone to come down to Harris Speedway this coming week and watch us sling some dirt and hope to win that flag the ones not here this Fourth of July, family friends
I say to you that even tho gone I promise you will not be forgotten; you will live on thru all of us. I hope everyone has enjoyed hearing me ramble on in this week’s column of making laps and I hope to see you all at Harris Speedway Saturday night..gates open at 4…don’t forget readers, God loves each of us and he made is in his likeness and we should all value what he gave us love and freedom…happy Fourth of July from level 5 racing and hope all has a blessed week.
Your favorite driver,
Bruce Wayne (
               Level 5 racing