By | June 21, 2021

Hello small town friendly!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. This week has been a very trying week for myself, but with God’s grace, the week will be much smoother.

As mentioned in my last column, our county has fell backwards in the areas that meant the most as i was growing up, when one neighbor could ask another neighbor for some suger or just a ear to to listen to the tough week at work. So far in 2021 we have seen lives lost, hearts broke and some people seem lost as to what to do or how they will pay their rent.

We all have problems but instead of going next door to ask for help ,we have people instead going and taking things and just down right being awful.

Quick story about how my weekend at Harris Speedway turned out and i get to my point, if you follow the dirt circle that i’ve come to love then you probably seen the level 5 car(myself) crumble on the first lap of qualifying.

Not a great start i must say…After 3 weeks of no racing due to mechanical issues and other ongoing issues i was able to get a few of my race family to guide me thru what i needed to get done in order to get my laps for the week ..

Jared Dysart

Keylon Tate

Big thank you to my level 5 teammates Jared Dysart and Keylon Tate for all the help and genius to help me get the #5 in running shape and off they went to chase their dreams in the dirt circle.

Needless to say i forgot to tighten a few bolts here and there and well the rest is history..(car is still at track) (sorry Mitchell Coggins) will see you shortly to retrieve my level 5 monster..the point I’m trying to make is my teammates did not ask for money or anything of the such, they have helped me so much (more than they know , because i was once a not so great person) they have helped me do a 360 in my whole life and have never asked for nothing in return. Just pay it forward they would say (my favorite movie ).

Back when things meant the most to people as i was saying earlier is what we need to come back in this county so maybe the stealing and the lives lost would sure enough ease off.

At Harris we help each other because we are family. We may fuss over who forgot to let off the gas soon enough but at the end of the day we may have loaned them the gas to be on the track. We had some fast cars down there this week -SCHRD cars (fancy word for real fast 4cly car).

Next week i will start posting the winners in Each division and give some info on who hit the wall and who bumped into their neighbor in turn 3 (lol) .

I want to thank everyone for coming to support our local track and my level 5 sponsors I can’t thank enough (Brian Greenlea at United Bonding and Rogers Bonding from Gastonia. They say you can tell a man’s past by who his sponsors are on hisĀ  race car.) Come on laugh; I wasn’t joking.

Remember, kids, stay in school and say no to drugs and i hope to see you at the track someday soon eager to learn the ways of the dirt circle.

To my level 5 fans,

Don’t forget to pay it forward this week and just maybe we can get enough to try it and turn this town around just like it was when I was growing up. It took me 40 years to see things clearly, but with God’s grace it can happen to anyone.

Thank you for another week of Making Laps by Bruce Wayne (no I’m not Batman either. At least I don’t thinkĀ  I ..See ya next week.

Your favorite driver,
Bruce Wayne #5