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Who Are “The Guardians”  (Foothills Health District)

  May 19,2020 In late January of this year it was acknowledged that Covid-19 entered our country. The nation suddenly found itself in the grip of a pandemic. The government turned to national health experts across the country to help, they in time turned to State health officials who then turned to local health department […]

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“Between A Rock And A Hard Place” (Carolina Cafe vs Governor Cooper’s Executive Order)

May 16, 2020 Thursday we had an issue where a small business, Carolina Cafe in Spindale, opened up to inside diners in violation of Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 118 “Limiting Operations of Restaurants and Bars…..”  The owners (Mike Spina and Linda Fortner)  posted on Facebook  that they were going to open for inside dining using […]

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Let the people vote!

By Rob Schofield, NC POLICY WATCH Voters wearing masks wait in line to vote in Milwaukee’s April 7 primary. Only five polling sites out of 180 were staffed because of the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Isiah Holmes/ Wisconsin Examiner) Health pandemic will put democracy itself at risk unless we act American elected leaders will have […]

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GOP Chair McCallum VIOLATES GOP State Party Rules

The leadership in the NC GOP Party confirmed yesterday that all primary candidates were to be given equal support. This mandate could be ONE reason for the formation of a Political Action Committee (PAC) to get around the rules as they have in their past politics. Undoubtedly the PAC mailing was designed to look exactly […]

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Column: School Board Member & 2020 Candidate disses honor high school student in 2016

Michael Dean Hager, current Board of Education appointee and candidate, lives on Walking Horse Trail in the Green Hill area of Rutherfordton (District 1) and is affiliated with the Republican Party. Hager, after being ousted from his legislative position by his OWN Party at 60 years old, then started a career as a lobbyist. His […]

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Column: Unaffiliated voters voting in either primary wield the power in RC

RALEIGH, N.C. —The Unaffiliated voters are wielding power already in this 2020 Primary Election. Unaffiliated voters may choose which primary they wish to vote in. One consideration for their choice of party ballot is whether their votes make more of a difference in LOCAL or National Elections. Another consideration is the deceptive mailing made to […]

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Local GOP disavows Bostic PAC Postcard Mailing

The local GOP website,, has provided  a response to the DraintheSwampConservatives secretative mailing showing preferences to one GOP primary candidate over another. There have also been allegations once again of personnel at the local GOP Headquarters handing out sample ballots with these same selections already marked. Same dirty unethical tricks that have been done […]

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Bostic PAC splits from local GOP leadership by supporting “Tea Party” Politicians

Remember the Tea Party? The group of local Republicans who wanted to cut all social programs to the bone and dismantle public schools in favor of charter/private ones. Looks like they are trying to make a resurgence once again. Did you get your swamp monster ( mailed postcard in the mail telling you who to […]

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Column: Will local GOP address Hager’s indiscretions?

The local Republican Party will meet this evening at 6 p.m. In the past Chairman Ron Chapman informed me that he only notifies those he considers to be “good” Republicans on his dated email list about the meetings time and place. However, the local GOP Plan of Organization, the governing rules of operation, are available […]

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Judicial changes coming for Rutherford & McDowell Counties

JUDICIAL DISTRICT 29A — Judge Laura Powell will be hanging up her robe on Nov. 1 as she takes the helm as Public Defender (PD) for the district. The PD position was approved as part of the 2018-2-19 N.C. budget and covers both Rutherford and McDowell counties. The bill specified that the Office of Indigent […]