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Karen Powell, FHD Director: Duties and Powers of Enforcement for Covid-19

May 21,2020 In my on-going informational series about Foothills Health District today I want to focus on who our health director is and what her duties are, as well as answer a few questions that had been sent to me concerning the…Read More »

Who Are “The Guardians”  (Foothills Health District)

  May 19,2020 In late January of this year it was acknowledged that Covid-19 entered our country. The nation suddenly found itself in the grip of a pandemic. The government turned to national health experts across the country to help, they in…Read More »

“Between A Rock And A Hard Place” (Carolina Cafe vs Governor Cooper’s Executive Order)

May 16, 2020 Thursday we had an issue where a small business, Carolina Cafe in Spindale, opened up to inside diners in violation of Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 118 “Limiting Operations of Restaurants and Bars…..”  The owners (Mike Spina and Linda Fortner)…Read More »

*Bi-Lo Corporate Ignores Request For Information On Covid-19

May 14, 2020 Recently (April 24th) a press release was issued to Rutherford County from Foothills Health District regarding public notification of Covid-19 cases in Rutherford County. Stated in it was that businesses who had a positive Covid-19 case could self notify…Read More »

**Update:** Lowe’s Does Not Respond To Covid-19 Email Request

*Update: I did receive this email from Lowe’s this afternoon: “Thank you for contacting Lowe’s and I apologize for the delay. At this time we have no confirmed cases at the Forest City store. Sarah Lively, APR Corporate Communications Lowe’s Companies, Inc.”…Read More »

*Food Lion Response to Rutherford County Covid-19 Inquiry

May 07,2020 As most of you know our health department has decided to let businesses self notify if they have a positive Covid-19 case. (see link)  That being said since Foothills Health Department does not seem to think notifying the public is…Read More »

*Advocate or Adversary……..You Decide.

04/26/2020 Our local Health Department (Foothills Health District) has decided to let businesses and organizations self identify if they have a Covid-19 situation. (click link here) Most people feel that this is not serving in the best interest of the general public…Read More »

*Your Right to Know….. Truth versus Rumor

4/23/2020 When “out of control” things happen to people they will turn to any source to seek knowledge. Fear is a powerful motivator and the obvious fact that many things are being hidden from them about a situation makes people not only…Read More »

Let the people vote!

By Rob Schofield, NC POLICY WATCH Voters wearing masks wait in line to vote in Milwaukee’s April 7 primary. Only five polling sites out of 180 were staffed because of the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Isiah Holmes/ Wisconsin Examiner) Health pandemic will…Read More »