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“Between A Rock And A Hard Place” (Carolina Cafe vs Governor Cooper’s Executive Order)

May 16, 2020 Thursday we had an issue where a small business, Carolina Cafe in Spindale, opened up to inside diners in violation of Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 118 “Limiting Operations of Restaurants and Bars…..”  The owners (Mike Spina and Linda Fortner)  posted on Facebook  that they were going to open for inside dining using […]

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Ex-WoFF member makes bail despite judge’s denial of bail reduction

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, NC — This morning in Rutherford County NC District Court, Judge Robert Martelle ruled against ex-WoFF member Stephen Cordes’ motion for a reduction of the $100,000 bond. Many bailbondsmen require a $10,000 cash payment upfront. In his ruling, Judge Martell noted that: Cordes had a loaded shotgun, was in possession of illegal controlled […]

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Covid-19 & the Demand for Medicaid

As the global coronavirus outbreak and its economic fallout tighten their grip on the United States, all signs point to a spike in demand for Medicaid, the health care program for low-income Americans that is jointly funded by states and the federal government. Anticipating a surge in Medicaid costs for states at a time when […]

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*Advocate or Adversary……..You Decide.

04/26/2020 Our local Health Department (Foothills Health District) has decided to let businesses and organizations self identify if they have a Covid-19 situation. (click link here) Most people feel that this is not serving in the best interest of the general public and if officials will not inform the public of a potential health threat […]

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Report Underscores Role of State Policy in Broadband Expansion

Availability of high-speed, reliable internet can help address pressing needs such as access to distance learning and telehealth services By: Kathryn de Wit & Dan Kitson Topics: Infrastructure & U.S. State Policy Projects: Broadband Research Read time: 3 min Report Underscores Role of State Policy in Broadband ExpansionThe coronavirus outbreak has made the need for broadband expansion clear. News reports have focused on the homework […]

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Troubling inspections at NC long-term care facilities with major outbreaks

APRIL 9, 2020, BY FRANK TAYLOR, Carolina Public Press The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, including the Division of Health Services Regulation that licenses and conducts inspections at adult care homes and nursing homes, is housed on the campus of the former Dorothea Dix state psychiatric hospital in Raleigh. Frank Taylor / Carolina Public […]

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Pandemic at-home learning without reliable internet service

APRIL 8, 2020, BY KELLY HINCHCLIFFE, Carolina Public Press Many school systems across North Carolina are putting buses to use to help bridge the gap when internet service to students’ homes is lousy or nonexistent. Some are using buses to deliver homework packets. Others are setting up buses as mobile hotspots. Photo courtesy of Macon County […]

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GOP Chair McCallum VIOLATES GOP State Party Rules

The leadership in the NC GOP Party confirmed yesterday that all primary candidates were to be given equal support. This mandate could be ONE reason for the formation of a Political Action Committee (PAC) to get around the rules as they have in their past politics. Undoubtedly the PAC mailing was designed to look exactly […]