By | November 1, 2019

This was a challenging month as we were faced with a surplus of cats and dogs. We were successful in moving out 89 cats! Fifty cats went to rescue, nine cats returned to owner, and thirty cats adopted into their forever homes! That is an amazing job well done by everyone.

During September we were faced with a few owner requested euthanasia of their beloved pets. While this is a hard thing to do, we are proud to provide this service to them at a cost they can afford.

Eighty percent live-outcome for the month of September. We are actively trying new avenues to get this number even higher. Heart of the Foothills and other local volunteers have been diligently working to transform our trailer into a cat room. Hopefully, this will be finished soon.

Kathy Haulk
Supervisor/Office Manager

Rutherford County Animal Control
Monthly Report
prepared by Kathy Haulk

  • Dogs /puppies picked up or surrendered to shelter 78
  • Cats /kittens picked up or surrendered to shelter 39
  • Wildlife/other picked up or surrendered to shelter 6
  • Total number of animals picked up or surrendered 123
  • Total number of Dogs/Cats ADOPTED from the shelter 46
  • Total number of animals returned to owners 23
  • Total number of animals rescued by groups 95
  • Total number euthanized this month 24
  • Calls completed this month 221