Rutherfordton Public Hearing called for July 2, 2019 for Black Rock Land Co. ReZoning Application

Photo credit: Zach Byers

RUTHERFORDTON — A public Hearing on July 2, 2019 was called by Mayor Jimmy Dancy and the Town Council for the Black Rock Land Company’s (BRLC) rezoning application for land in the downtown Rutherfordton area. The development company owns two areas near N. Washington St. In the first development area and the only one for which rez0ning application refers to, there is a plat that is split into R2 (Residential/home office) and C3 (Commercial.) Also the area is already C3 commercial which does not allow residential development that the BRLC plans to do. (See maps below.)

As the Town has already indicated a need for affordable housing, BRLC seeks rezoning of the property to R2 to provide quality in-fill development of residential homes. The Town staff were in agreement with this proposition as it better aligns with the residential near-by properties and does not border the commercial area of N. Washington St.

ReZoning Application 01-19 -Black Rock Land Co

ReZoning 01-19 -Black Rock Land Co
ReZoning Application 01-19 -Black Rock Land Co