Mayor & Town Council of Rutherfordton create another Golf Course Task Force

Rutherfordton — As it has done several times in the past, Town Council and Mayor Jimmy Dancy created the 2019 Golf Course Task Force Committee to form a recommendation for the future for the town-owned golf course. The Rutherfordton Golf Club quit operating the business last year. The financial health of the club could not be independently sustained with only 55 paying members.

For many years the losing $20,000 annually operation of the golf course was supplemented with Town of Rutherfordton’s Public Works Department labor, the past payment of the water bill, and part-f grant funding. Now after paying $12,000 for a golf course consultant (See at end of article) to tell them it would take approximately $100,000 to restore the course to playing condition, the newly appointed Golf Course Task Force must additionally consider the operating costs and best use of the property. (The golf course is adjacent to the Rutherford Regional Health System hospital facility.)

Appointed by Mayor Jimmy Dancy as prescribed by the Town Code of Ordinances the following people were appointed to the 2019 Golf Course Task Force Committee:

Person Nominating —Committee Nominee

Mayor Dancy— Rob Burbank
Christy Bare— J. Deaver
Stan Clements —Jack Huss
Terry Cobb— Mike Martin
Henry Giles— Tommy Walker
Doug Barrick— Drew Radford

The Committee will meet and review all information as it pertains to the Golf Course property owned by the Town. The Committee will then make implementable recommendations to the Town Council as to the future of the property.

Rutherfordton Golf Course - Miller Management Report- March 2019