Rutherfordton Golf Course renovation study ordered

The Rutherfordton Golf Club operated a 9-hole course until last year. The Rutherfordton golf course opened in 1929. The course was operated independently from the Town by the Rutherfordton Golf Club, but was supported with Town recreation funds and Town labor.

The Rutherfordton Golf Club struggled to keep the club open, but with a membership of only approximately 55 and the course needing more and more work it closed.

Now on the Rutherfordton Golf Club Facebook page, the Club has started petitions for the golf course to reopen. See their message below:

Rutherfordton Golf Club

The citizens of Rutherfordton and the surrounding areas have started a petition to renovate and reopen the Rutherfordton Golf Course and we need all of your help. We will have these petitions at different locations… 

Town Council member Terry Cobb acknowledged the signatures of support, but was seeking “more than just a yes.”

Town Council member Stan Clements said, “If it can be saved, then we need to take a good hard look at what it would take to save it.”

The Council considered several options before choosing to hire an outside expert to evaluate the course condition and see what measures are needed to bring it back to good condition. As several Council members noted, they need a professional opinion in order to make an informed decision.

Town Manager Doug Barrick will continue to seek a contractor for evaluating the course.