Brevard is film site for horror film

BREVARD — The horror feature film “The Good Things Devils Do”, directed by Jess Norvisgaard and produced by SuttleFilm Productions, out of Asheville, is finishing up filming in Brevard, N.C. THE GOOD THINGS DEVILS DO starring Kane Hodder, Linnea Quigley and Bill Oberest, Jr  has been shooting for in downtown Brevard, NC since mid-January. Wrap date February 14, 2019.

With the cooperation of local residents and over 50 costumed extras, the production company recreated trick or treating on Halloween. Eight homes were selected to be featured in this scene.

Courtesy of Settles Production Company

Local filming created jobs for: production crew, local lodging, catering companies, residents and extras.

Film Synopsis
A small group of thieves embark on a mission to rob a retired drug dealer’s small fortune carefully locked away in his home.  It soon becomes apparent that they have the wrong address when they discover an older couple dealing with their own crisis, as they are trapped inside their own home, the wife having been attacked by a vampire not long ago!  As they all find themselves forced to work together to keep the vampire out, they face their biggest problem yet: the wife died and has also become the demonic undead!  Now they along with their unlikely ally, the widower, have to last the night in a house plagued with vampires and no possible escape.

What more frightening backdrop could there be than Transylvania County?