Six NC students charged for alleged discussion for Columbine-style middle school attack

SCOTLAND COUNTY, N.C. – WMBF News reported yesterday that six Scotland County middle school students have been charged for allegedly discussing a Columbine-style attack.

Scotland County Sheriff’s Lt. Jessica Sadovnikov stated the students, all between the ages of 12 and 13, are charged with communicating threats of mass violence against a school campus.

The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office has affidavits processing at the juvenile detention center. A judge will review the affidavits to decide whether to place the juveniles in a secure detention center or remand them to their parents.

“It is in my opinion this is a very serious matter that a reasonable person would believe was intended to be carried out,” she said. “I was able to interview some professional staff and law enforcement officers who stated that several of the group actually did have the means to carry (out) such an act, in their opinion.”

Last week, the school resource officer at Carver Middle School was alerted by an employee about some suspicious postings on Instagram that referenced the attack.