Neighbors complain about Tactical Farm explosions

At the December Rutherford County Commissioners meeting, two people spoke during public comments about loud explosions at the Tactical Farm in Mooresboro. ( The property is located near the North Carolina/South Carolina dividing line.

The Tactical Farm is a firearm training and event facility. A wide variety of firearm training and shooting events are held in a outdoor area as their website advertises for “maximum thrills and learning.”

The Advertised Farm Features are:

  • 600 yard Long Range
  • 150 yard Multi-purpose Range “The Pit”
  • (2) 50 yard Handgun Ranges
  • (2) 35 yard Handgun Ranges
  • Obstacle Course
  • 3-Story Shooting Tower

Dr. Jeanette McDaniel told the Commissioners that she lives near Tactical Farm which is a training range where different types of explosives are detonated. These explosions can be extremely loud causing windows to rattle nearly a mile away. The Tactical Farm neighbors are concerned about the close proximity to the residences, the overall safety issues, and the decreased property values.

Tactical Farms leases their property to organizations for training. On November 13 eight high caliber military grade explosions occurred which shook homes more than a mile away.

ATF only regulates the transportation and storage and not the detonation. Dr. McDaniel stated that the issue stated is not illegal, but it is not ethical.

Mr. Chad Edmonds also spoke on the Tactical Farm issue as his property line backs up to the Tactical Farm. He asked that the Board reach out to law enforcement to seek ways to prevent further loud explosions.