District 41 Bar Nominates 5 for Governor’s Judicial Appointment

MARION — The District 29A/41 Bar met today to nominate 5 individuals for the governor’s consideration for a judicial appointment. The District Court Judge position was made vacant by Judge Laura Powell who stepped down to head up the new Public Defenders’ Office.

The replacement of a District Court Judge is mandated through NC General Statute 7a-142:

§ 7A-142. Vacancies in office. A vacancy in the office of district judge shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment of the Governor. The bar of the judicial district, as defined in G.S. 84-19, shall nominate five persons who are residents of the judicial district who are duly authorized to practice law in the district for consideration by the Governor. The nominees shall be selected by vote of only those bar members who reside in the district. In the event fewer than five persons are nominated, upon providing the nominations to the Governor, the bar shall certify that there were insufficient nominations in the district to comply with this section. Prior to filling the vacancy, the Governor shall give due consideration to the nominations provided by the bar of the judicial district.

Nominated were: Alicia Vega, Brian Oglesby, Michelle McEntire, Ellen Shelley, and Anna Kegley.

The governor will consider these candidates before making his decision on the appointment for a replacement of our district court judge seat.