Happy 2019! Change the Things We Can!

A new year inspires thoughts of leaving the past behind and create new positive changes for the future. While many make New Years resolutions they often become empty promises and seldom become lifestyle changes.

My friends know that I don’t make many commitments since I take them very seriously. Keeping my word means integrity for me. If I promise to do something I give it my all to fulfill it.

So this year I will be picking one thing to change this year. Surely it is possible to commit to one thing. I remember the year it was smoking – some internal switch inside flipped and after several false starts I finally quit. Who wants to be controlled by a destructive habit?

It’s not very useful to commit to something I can’t change. I can’t make my hazel eyes naturally turn to blue. So therefore I will accept that there are things that can’t be changed. Fighting useless battles is hardly worth the trouble.

However, later today, in the light of the morning, I will post my ONE resolution on the refrigerator where I will see it every day. It only takes 28 days to change a habit. But it does take a commitment and follow through to make it stick.