Column: Meet Greg Gallagher, Candidate for State Representative

Greg Gallagher is no stranger to politics. The Chase High School teacher was previously a part of the Washington, DC insiders during a time of working together in the House to represent the best interests of the people.

Gallagher in his youth worked for a time as the Assistant to the Doorkeeper at the US House of Representatives. The job entailed working on the floor of the House of Representatives and tracking the activities and bills under discussion. If a Representative came in late, Gallagher informed him of the House’s activities.. If a Representative’s constituent came looking for their representative, the Assistant Doorkeeper notified him. The Doorkeeper also acted as a gatekeeper and security officer to keep people off the floor. Gallagher also worked at George H. Bush’s State of the Union Address.

The job provided great training in understanding how the House works, handling disturbances with class and observing how deals were cut and changes made. Gallagher is one of the last true diplomats and gentlemen politicians. “Never attack a man, but question his policies,” said Gallagher. “My esteemed opponent talks of conservative values.  Well, conservatives are about protecting institutions and old time values. You don’t let public schools slide downhill. Teachers are kind of tired of these elections every two years and hoping for a better outcome.”

Gallagher also felt that Conservatives should protect democracy and challenged the gerrymandering done in North Carolina. He spoke passionately about “his kids at Chase,” when we spoke about the Tryon International Equestrian Center and the gentrification of Polk and Rutherford Counties. “When the land jumps in value, where are my kids going to go?”

Gallagher wants to bring opportunities to Rutherford County while protecting the water, land, and people of this area. He closely feels the needs of his fellow teachers and hopes he can bring public schools more support. If elected, Gallagher plans to continue teaching while being a public servant.

Editor’s Note: We had previously invited Rep. David Rogers to speak with us, but he declined.