Madge Flack property flood issues again

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Ms. Madge Flack spoke to the Rutherford County Board of Commissioners as well as the Town of Spindale Commissioners at their October meetings regarding the water runoff from the Rails-to-Trails which she said flooded her home in Rutherfordton several times.

Town of Spindale meeting

RC Catalyst first reported on this issue in March 2018 and again in May 2018.

Though she has had little flooding recently, much damage has already been done to her residence. Flack also reported the ditch constructed to divert the water away from her home was filling up rapidly.

Madge Flack began to have flooding problems when the Food Lion was built and water was routed across the street to her property. Compounding the problem is that the flow down the residential road behind the shopping center is a direct conduit to an undersized pipe that empties into the same stream that crosses Flack’s property.

Additionally, Flack notes that the Department of Transportation changed the drainage ditches near the Apartment Complex adjoining her property from emptying on either side of her road to all the water being directed onto her property.

During construction of this section of the Rails to Trail track, there were originally no drainage fences put into place. After the paving of the trail, water was flooding over the top of the built up trail into Flack’s yard.

Then when the trail project dug up the newly paved trail to remove the termite-infested railroad ties and rails, the ties were carelessly put in the drainage ditch alongside the trail compounding the water problems at Flack’s home.

Both Flacks have appealed to the Odom Engineering Firm, The Town of Spindale, Rutherfordton, the Dept. of Transportation, and to the county commissioners. No one is spearheading a solution to the water problem.

Flack  believes the same problems will occur unless another solution is put in place. She has had to leave her home due to the mold and its effects on her help.


Ms. Juanita Flack appeared before the RC Board of Commissioners on behalf of her mother (Ms. Madge Flack.) The problem still exists, according to Ms. Flack, and no solution has been submitted to solve the problem. She asked that the Commissioners visit her property.

The road that leads from Railroad Avenue to Ms. Flack’s home. Note drainage pipe partially obstructed.

Food Lion parking lot drain covered in trash