Owls owner plays the Grinch of Halloween

"I am the little girl that the Owls owner refused me a treat because my grandpa had on a Make America Great hat. I don't think he should be so mean to little children." Used with permission.

Halloween shouldn’t be politicized

FOREST CITY – The fun spirits of Halloween ended when this man with the Boston shirt at the Owls location refused to give a 2 year old granddaughter any chips at the Forest City merchant’s trick or treat because Grandpa was wearing a Trump Hat.

Other parents expressed concerns that the Owls’ representative, Phil Dangel,  refused chips to children whom he felt to be too old to be participating.

Mr. Dangel offers an apology on the Owls official Facebook page copied below.



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Forest City Owls

32 mins

Yesterday afternoon during the downtown Halloween festivities, I made a remark concerning a Grandfather’s hat. Clearly, i was wrong to make the remark and I want to truly apologize to that gentleman and his Granddaughter. I was wrong in trying to have a little trick or treat fun and touched a very sensitive nerve that had no place during the event, or anywhere else for that matter.

Further, I made another mistake as I should have let all kids, no matter the age,trick or treat. Kids of all ages love Halloween, and I sincerely apologize to those I offended.

Obviously, this was not one of my better days The remark was taken in the wrong content, BUT that does not excuse the remark. I have three sons and two Grandchildren, one of whom is autistic, and i know in a similar situation, I would have reacted negatively. I am old, but not too old, I hope,to learn from my mistakes.

I know that oftentimes apologies are not heartfelt, or accepted as heartfelt, but I hope you will accept this apology as heartfelt and sincere. I love Forest City, I love the Forest City Owls and I love the Children of Rutherford County. i pledge to work diligently
at becoming a better person. Please do not give up on me, At age 71, I cannot remember any event outside of losing both parents that has bothered me more than this, as I never in one million years intended to hurt a child. This is not an attempt to save my business, or bring you to the Owls. This is truly, sincerely, honestly how I feel. I was wrong, it will not reoccur.

My name is Phil Dangel. My cell number is 865-384-8666. ANYONE who was upset after the  Halloween downtown Merchants promotion, please call me as I want to personally apologize to you. Lastly, starting at noon, there will be plenty of candy in the Owls office from 12-5. Please stop in and get some and there is NO age limit.
Thank You.