Column: Vote Professionals over Party

Despite being registered Republican, I am choosing to vote for the person despite their party affiliation. I don’t need a party to tell me how to vote. So here are my thoughts on who I’ll vote for.

Rutherford County does not need any more on-the-job trainees elected. Recently we have put people in office who did not have the training or experience, but they had votes. Consider the following:

Clerk of Court – No doubt Steve Owens is a nice guy, but he worked for the District Attorney’s office previously with no experience in the clerk’s office. For example, there is an estate that has not been closed despite the passing of a decade. The property was sold but no one knows where the money is at. While Owens relies on an assistant clerk to teach him, the position needs an experienced leader like Regina Mapp. Regina Mapp has 30 years working in various Clerk of Court offices in N.C. She knows what she is doing (from my personal experience), dresses professionally without flip-flops, and treats people equally. She is an experienced leader. Vote for Regina Mapp.

Board of Education, District 1. Vote for Brent Washburn. Washburn is a former chair of the County Commissioners. Nanny had so many misspelled words in her Facebook posts and did not know that the quarter cent tax went to the school construction funds. Vote Washburn.

Board of Education, District 2 . Brandon Gosey has a horrible record. First he voted as a board member to support the need for schools but spoke up against award winning superintendent Dr. Janet Mason at the GOP meeting with Mike Hager against the schools. Given his inept “Safety Forum” done without knowledge of the Board and staffed with his GOP candidate cronies, gave an unauthorized access to an individual to Cool Springs Admin. Building and now choosing to share a joke about sexual assault, Gosey is a man with a history of bad decisions. Vote Leroy Kelly, Jr.

Sheriff — Everyone says “Chris Francis is a good Christian man,” but maybe they don’t know about the lies he has told on tape, the steroid distribution ring that was running in his department, the violations at the jail that caused an inmate’s death, stuff missing in the evidence room and the jail employee who embezzled money. The Sheriff lacks road experience, standoff expertise, leadership, management and criminal experience having worked as a School Resource Office. We DO have a drug problem in the County.

While Jason Wease is an honest, likable man he doesn’t have law enforcement experience. However, there is no doubt in my mind that he would be learning from others if elected.

Freddie Euten has a lot of experience in the Sheriff’s department and at Rutherfordton Police Department (even delivering a baby while on duty.) He has worked under 3 or more sheriffs and knows how things should be done. He’s been out there on patrol, made arrests, and knows the bad eggs in the department. Elect Freddie.

NC State Senate, District 47 — Vote David Wheeler who has been visiting every county, meeting with people, learning the issues, and sincerely wants to fix the corruption here. Hise is under investigation for campaign finance violations, against Medicaid expansion, and is paid by the insurance related PACS and Mayland College where no one knows what his special projects are. Vote Wheeler.

NC House of Representatives, District 112 — Rep. Rogers has not had a town hall or communicated to the public what his accomplishments have been while he has been in office. Have you heard from him? Let’s give Greg Gallagher our votes.

District Attorney, District 41 – As Bell said himself, he was elected because there was an R by his name. Bell’s law degree did not have an emphasis on criminal law; it is not his specialty. Ask him what is happening with the Matthew Fenner/Word of Faith Fellowship cases he promised to try four years ago. Ask about the time cards not reflecting the actual hours worked. He is running without an opponent but I will leave his name unchecked as a show of no confidence.

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice, Seat 1 — Vote Anita Earls.

NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 1 — Vote John S. Arrowood. He too has visited Rutherford County and knows where we are on the map.

NC Court of Appeal, Seat 2 —Toby Hampson. He has visited Rutherford County and met with folks. Haven’t seen the others.

NC Court of Appeals, Seat 3 – Vote Allegra Collins. We need more women in office.

NC District Court Judge, Seat 2 – Judge Randy Pool has been there a long time. A new perspective in the courtroom would be Corey MacKinnon. Vote MacKinnon.

Board of Commissioners, District 5 — Alan Toney has served 4 years while newcomer Daryl Sims is challenging him. Vote Toney.

Vote AGAINST all six constitutional amendments. The power grab should be illegal.

The corruption here continues because we vote mindlessly – choosing someone by party or church. If we want better, then we need to elect independently the best possible person for the job. GO VOTE.