Hise hearing postponed on third try

For Immediate Release – October 15, 2018
Statement by David B. Wheeler, Spruce Pine, NC

“Ralph Hise is clearly in deep criminal legal trouble for taking $10,000 from his campaign and for asking for 34 days of pay from taxpayers in February 2018. Hise is so desperate, he made three political maneuvers over the last three days to delay his NC State Board of Elections and Ethics hearing scheduled for this Wednesday. The first two delay tactics didn’t work but his final attempt was successful. Hise was able to convince a State Board of Elections Board Member, John Lewis, to illegally release a confidential document regarding the investigation into his actions and that killed his Wednesday hearing into the matter. (Mr. Lewis will be expelled from the Board and may also face criminal investigation for his actions.)

Senator Hise has repeatedly said he did nothing wrong. Then why delay the hearing? Why not clear your name Senator?

I believe it is because Ralph Hise is hiding something, fears jail or knows his political future is in doubt. Before this election, don’t voters deserve to know whether Hise committed a felony that may lead to jail time or not? Otherwise, many Republican and Unaffiliated voters will be completely wasting their vote.

Today, I’m demanding that Ralph Hise release a full statement and all the documents on this matter. If Hise isn’t guilty, then he should tell us. If he’s cutting a deal with investigators, he should tell us what that deal entails. Otherwise, we’ll all assume Hise is guilty and trying to use corrupt political practices to get out of criminal prosecution. Come clean Senator Hise.

When I’m elected your Senator, I will not take funds from my campaign, ask taxpayers for 34 days of pay in February nor try to corruptly influence law enforcement. I will spend my time working to bring your tax dollars back to our district for worthy projects.”