The Trend to Tiny Houses

Let the sun shine!

The latest trend in U.S. housing is just a tiny one – a tiny house, that is. From the era of McMansioners who are drawn to simplify and downsize, buyers are drawn to the prospect of financial freedom, a simpler lifestyle, and limiting one’s environmental footprint in a 100-400 square feet dwelling.

Tiny homes contain everything you need—including kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area as well as electrical, heat, and plumbing in a compact and efficient living space. They can be simple and rustic, outside and in—or as elegant as you wish, with granite countertops, wood flooring, and other upscale appointments.

These homes are typically custom-built to order and delivered to the owner’s land. Add solar power, a well and septic and welcome to “off the grid” living. Some tiny house communities have also sprung up, but that trend has not yet migrated to Rutherford County.

These cozy homes can be on wheels, making them easier to relocate. Having wheels also means they may be considered a “recreational vehicle,” making it easier for the owner to comply with zoning and land regulations in many jurisdictions. Municipalities and neighborhoods are scrambling to address these tiny homes. However, Rutherford County offers gorgeous rolling foothills and access to rural building lots within commuting distance of Charlotte, Asheville, Spartanburg, and Greenville.

Certainly, a growing number of people are using tiny houses as their main residence, to live more simply and economically (reduction in cost, taxes, utilities, maintenance) with less impact on the environment. Owners are thinking outside the box.

Planning to build?

A tiny home on a piece of property that offers space for an additional, larger home to be built later could be the exception here, giving the new owner a place to reside while a dream home is under construction (and a cozy place to host guests in the future!).

Ready to retire?

For seniors, these trendy new living spaces can be an innovative living arrangement when located on the same property as their children’s main house. For those with adult children living in different parts of the country, having a tiny house at each location makes sense for grandparents wanting to be involved in all the grandchildren’s lives.

In transition?

Are you preparing for the empty nest? Loyce Broughton, a recent convert to tiny home living after she sold her log cabin and acreage, decided to move onto her remote 20 acres on top of the hill. There she could see the night skies, even tracking the International Space Station transiting its arc in space, where wildflowers grew and there was not a neighbor in sight – privacy.

She decided to buy a tiny house as Erin, her daughter, has only a short time left in high school. After much discussion about layout, needs, and designs, they purchased the “Park” model tiny house from Green River Cabins in Campobello, South Carolina. Before the delivery, Broughton lined up all the permits and licenses that were required, graded the driveway, installed septic, well and had gas lines run.

Loyce Broughton in front of the solar panels.

Then the prohibitive cost of installing electricity lines allowed her to follow her “off-grid” dreams and install solar power. The Broughtons have adapted to solar  tiny home living with surprising ease.

Having a fully-equipped kitchen, a full bath with tub, and a washer and dryer, a screened porch and a 10×12 storage building out back, makes this lifestyle more than doable for both of them.

“Erin has the loft as her personal space, and I have a bedroom to escape to when necessary. It’s cozy and comfortable and we really enjoy our time here,” said Loyce Broughton.

The tiny home is easier to maintain and allows both more time for activities as they plan their next move.

If you are interested in living off-grid in a tiny house, this tiny home is for sale.

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