Rutherfordton’s Kiwanis Park plans to be updated

RUTHERFORDTON — The Rutherfordton Town Council is continuing to develop a transformation of Kiwanis Park. The Kiwanis Park entrance is currently located at the corner of Main Street and Greene Street in downtown Rutherfordton.

One concept for an updated Kiwanis Park.

Kiwanis Park is a 3.7 acre heavily shaded park that includes 6 picnic tables, charcoal grill, swings and access to Cleghorn Creek.  Dogs that are leashed and cleaned up after are welcomed. The plans include a dog park and new restroom facilities.

The Town, Destination by Design, residents and the Tourism Development Authority (TDA) have met regularly as well as sent a survey to residents to achieve an amazing park that meets the desires of the community. See the current plan here.

At the 11th-hour property before approval was obtained for the plans, land adjacent to the park was made available and the Town purchased the property. The 1.3 acres that houses Bobby’s Small Engine Shop is now officially Town property and will be part of the plan/park. As a result the Town reengaged Destination by Design to help with the vision for this new acreage into the Master Plan.

RHI Legacy Foundation awarded the park project a grant of $75,000 this week, effectively matching the Town’s allocation of $75,000. This brings the Pre-PARTF grant amount to $150,000. Any funds in hand for this anticipated $500,000 project will be doubled with the town’s request to PARTF.

The TDA made a verbal commitment for $50,000 in funding bringing the overall total to $200,000 at this time. So while additional funding is needed, at this time a complete vision for the downtown Kiwanis Park and an updated Master Plan is the goal.