Wease sworn in as Commissioner

NC Court of Appeals Judge John Arrowood, N.C. Representative Carla Cunningham, Jerry Wease, Rueleen Wease

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. — On Friday N.C. House Rep. Carla Cunningham introduced Jerry Wease, a clinical supervisor with RHA Health Services, before a packed room of friends, coworkers, and family at the RC Administration Building. Governor Roy Cooper had appointed Wease as a commissioner with the NC Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services in August, 2018. After listing Jerry’s certifications and numerous community involvements Rep. Cunningham concluded, “I’ll be honored to serve alongside Jerry Wease.”

NC Court of Appeals Judge John Arrowood swore Wease in at the morning event while Wease’s mother Rueleen held the Bible. Afterwards a reception was held to celebrate the state appointment.

Wease offered thanks to his friends, coworkers, dignitaries and family:

Thank you for making my day even more awesome! Rueleen Wease Tori Radford Amanda Snyder Kimberly Wease Mode Erin Wease Jason Wease Gail Adair Kim Wells Lee Amy Greene Debbie MorrowMike & Carolyn Tucker Wease, And Nathan Wease, and my great-nieces and great-nephews! To all of my friends-so many to tag. I hope I do not miss anyone: JoAnn Woods Carolyn Meeks Mark Lattimore Michelle Allen LattimoreChristopher Surratt Shonda Mcguire Tonia Lynch Myrlie Gordon Barrier Julie C Champion Edna Michael Frances M. Lockwood Phyllis Washburn Alexis AbneyRosaleen Francis Travis McEntyre Rosalind Dawkins Tami Forte Logan John Logan Tracy Fuller Sylvester Mc Dowell Miyako Jones David L. Seymour Rita Conway Seymour Deborah Keller Beverly Holland Ashley McCraw Harris Lisa Cole Packard Doyne Allison Doris Crute LaMonda Miller-Davis Sandra PadgettHeather Roane Kennedy Regina Mapp Greg Gallagher Kara D. Lynch Faye H Jones Suzanne Porter!

Thanks to Rutherford County Manager Steve Garrison for stopping by as well and Register of Deeds Rachel Thomas.

The Weases

Candidate for Sheriff Jason Wease