Sen. Ralph Hise Campaign Finance Hearing scheduled for Oct. 17

SPRUCE PINE — Hise’s campaign finances are undergoing an audit by the NC State Board of Elections. A hearing is scheduled for Oct. 17, 2018.

Ralph Hise’s mid-year semi-annual report for 2017 was submitted by Amy B Ellis, CPA. Ellis took over in May after the irregularities in Hise’s filings were found. Some of them are:

  • The reported cash-on-hand at the beginning of the period, $34,455.02, does not match the reported cash-on-hand at the end of the prior period, $33,969.82. This leaves a difference of $485.20 not addressed anywhere in the report.
  • A reported outstanding loan balance of $708.87 from an original loan amount of $857.66 leaves a difference of $148.79. Neither the original loan, nor a repayment of $148.79 is properly recorded in this or prior reports.
  • At least two reported refunds/reimbursements of $100.00 each to businesses with the notation “Check deposited in error. Refund was processed immediately upon identification.” There is no record of original contributions having been made by these corporate entities or their associates.
  • A payment of $485.00 in January to “Jamie M Miller, CPA, PLLC” for “Accounting Services”that in previous reports recorded payments to Miller for “Accounting Services/Fees” amount to $5,040 for 2014 through 2016. However campaign finance reports show the filings as prepared and submitted by Hise and/or his treasurer who was his mother until recently.

Ralph Hise has yet to address any of the identified discrepancies in his campaign finance reports including apparent unreported PAC contributions, undocumented payees and apparent overpayment of loan payments.


Special thanks to Gregg Flynn’s contributions to this article.


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It shall be the duty and power of the State Board:

(1)        To prescribe forms of statements and other information required to be filed by this Article, to furnish such forms to the county boards of elections and individuals, media or others required to file such statements and information, and to prepare, publish and distribute or cause to be distributed to all candidates at the time they file notices of candidacy a manual setting forth the provisions of this Article and a prescribed uniform system for accounts required to file statements by this Article.

(2)        To accept and file any information voluntarily supplied that exceeds the requirements of this Article.

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(4)        To make statements and other information filed with it available to the public at a charge not to exceed actual cost of copying.

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(7)        To make investigations to the extent the State Board deems necessary with respect to statements filed under the provisions of this Article and with respect to alleged failures to file any statement required under the provisions of this Article or Article 26 of [of this Chapter] the General Statutes and, upon complaint under oath by any registered voter, with respect to alleged violations of any part of this Article or Article 26 [this Chapter of] of the General Statutes. The State Board shall conclude all investigations no later than one year from the date of the start of the investigation, unless the State Board has reported an apparent violation to the proper district attorney and additional investigation of the apparent violation is deemed necessary by the State Board.

(8)        After investigation, to report apparent violations by candidates, political committees, referendum committees, legal expense funds, individuals or persons to the proper district attorney as provided in G.S. 163A-1445.

(9)        To prescribe and furnish forms of statements and other material to the county boards of elections for distribution to candidates and committees required to be filed with the county boards.

(10)      To instruct the chairman and director of elections of each county board as to their respective duties and responsibilities relative to the administration of this Article.

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