NC Sheriffs’ Association activated Statewide Disaster Assistance Network

On Tuesday, Sept, 11, Sheriff James Clemmons (Richmond County), presidentof the NC Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA), activated the Association’s Statewide Disaster Assistance Network. The Network provides needed assistance to sheriffs’ offices within the Hurricane Florence disaster area by sheriffs’ offices that are located outside the disaster area.

As of Friday, Sept. 14, the Network had available over 300 deputies, detention officers and telecommunicators from across the state ready to deploy. Additional sheriffs’ office personnel will be made available if needed.

“Once things are clear in McDowell County, we are committed to deploying personnel or giving of our jail space, if needed,” said McDowell County Sheriff Ricky Buchanan. “We are still encouraging residents to plan ahead and be ready. We appreciate the ongoing collaborative efforts between our local and state agencies, and also for the assistance of the Sheriff’s Association.”

In addition to personnel, available equipment on stand-by includes several mobile command centers, armored rescue vehicles, boats, swift-water rescue teams, rafts, generators, transport vans, 4×4 vehicles, Humvees and various other equipment. County jail bed space has been secured by sheriffs outside the disaster area to accommodate jail inmates from any jail within the disaster area.

The network is being managed by staff of the NC Sheriffs’ Association, in cooperation with staff of NC Emergency Management, NC Department of Public Safety, located in the State’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Call the NCSA Statewide Disaster Assistance Network at 919-576-2420 for additional information. The Network will be active and staffed by the NCSA on a 24-hour basis until it is clear that sheriffs within the disaster area no longer need assistance from their fellow sheriffs outside the disaster area.