COLUMN: Voting is a privilege and your civic responsibility

THEO, guest columnist

So here we are once again, almost time to vote in November.

I wanted to reflect back on something I saw happening here in Rutherford County in reference to voting. I was told by some groups, organizations, and local political parties they will be handing out cards with candidate names on them informing you the citizen on how you should vote.

Many of you told me this was insulting. Several people told me it was offensive to them that any group, organization, or political party would infer that citizens could not be trusted or intelligent enough to know who to vote for.

I would like to remind everyone what voting means. So many men and woman have sacrificed for your right to vote, it is shocking that some groups are pushing the candidate they want in office thus attempting to steer you in the direction they want you to take.

Here is my point, it is a privilege and your civic responsibility to vote. Vote in November on what you believe is correct, matching morals, and values you have and never, never allow anyone to tell you or instruct you on how to vote because honestly it is your vote and only your vote.

Do research on each candidate, ask questions, and choose wisely.